Thursday, 6 October 2011

The RapidLash Challenge Day 29

It's been 4 weeks since I started using Rapidlash, a lash enhancing serum, and I have some pictures to show you. Unfortunately there has been almost no visible improvements to my lashes (I can see some longer lashes, but that's all), although it did say on the instructions that you're supposed to see improvements after about 8 weeks (and that leaves me with the question, why is Rapidlash called Rapidlash, since there is nothing rapid about it, but anyway). So far I am still sceptical, but haven't given up hope that one day I will have nice, long, lush eyelashes.

I'm not posting comparison pictures this time as I said there's no point, but if you want to see what my lashes looked like originally, check out this post. I will however do a proper comparison post in another 4 weeks time. For now, see how my lashes are looking after 4 weeks of using Rapidlash after the jump!


  1. I'm genuinely really worried in case this doesn't work for you. I promise it has worked wonders for me but it was at least 8 weeks before I saw noticeable improvements. Patience is needed! (Fingers crossed!) x

  2. Patience is definitely not my virtue. I have found some longer lashes, so it's not all bad, and maybe my expectations of a full lashline are a bit too much. I guess it's not a miracle product. ;) Don't worry, I won't blame it on you if it doesn't work. ;) x


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