Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Lightscapade, Lightscapade, What Has Happened To You?

When I first heard about Lightscapade MSF being repromoted, I was very excited, because as you know, I love my MSFs and my highlighters and Lightscapade is one of my prettiest MSFs. It was first released in 2006 with the Danse collection and I was lucky enough to buy it a couple of years ago for not too crazy money. My old Lightscapade is a mix of pink, blue, yellow, orange and cream, the colours are quite vivid, but still give a very subtle colour making it one of the prettiest highlighters I own. So I was very excited to purchase some back ups when Mac's Fall Collection came out last week.

Unfortunately, it seems that this time around Mac didn't manage to produce the same powder. I ordered 2 from Debenhams online and then went to my local counter to see if I can pick out one with more colourful veining, but as you can see from the picture above, I didn't really succeed. The powder on the top is the one I hand picked and possibly has the most colour, but still is mainly beige and the veining is very pale. I literally looked through several Lightscapades at the counter and they all looked like the ones above. Quite disappointed really.

You can see in the picture below how much more colourful my old Lightscapade is (the one in the top right corner in case you haven't guessed). Fortunately I still have plenty of left of my old Lightscapade and despite the new ones looking quite disappointing, they swatch quite similarly, so the overall highlighting effect isn't that different. I've included a swatch picture at the bottom of the post, so make sure you scroll down all the way.

All in all, I am pretty disappointed not to have been able to buy another pretty colourful Lightscapade, but at least I have managed to pick up some which was already quite a big achievement considering how quickly it had sold out online. All in all, it's still a lovely highlighter and I hope everyone who wanted it managed to pick up one (or two).

See lots more pictures including a swatch picture after the jump!

Lightscapade 2011

Lightscapade 2011

Lightscapade 2011

Lightscapade 2006

New Lightscapade (left) vs old Lightscapade (right)
Taken with flash


  1. I am also disappointed in Lightscapade's appearance, the old swirly blue and pink MSF was so beautiful, but as you say they seem to swatch almost the same so I suppose I'll get over it! There definitely wouldn't have been as much hype for Lightscapade if it looked like this first time around!

  2. I'm glad they swatch similarly! The old one is so much more pretty to look at!

  3. Laura, I agree! Also if we never had had the old one, most people wouldn't have bothered picking up the new one simply because it looks a bit meh. :) It's still a great highlighter though.


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