Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Great 30 Day Lipstick Challenge - Week 4 and Conclusion

The Great 30 Day Lipstick Challenge has now come to an end. 30 days and 30 lipsticks later I'm very happy I decided to do this challenge. I managed to use lipsticks I'd not actually used at all, also rediscovered some old favourites and found that some I wasn't too keen on at first I actually quite like after all. I also ended up throwing out one very funny smelling one (it wasn't even that old, I don't know what happened there), and put 3 up for sale - by the way, check out my Blog Sale if you haven't yet done so! I think I will definitely do this again, but right now I need to give some love to my other lipsticks. So many lipstick, so little time!

This post includes the last 9 lipsticks and once again I managed to choose a good variety of brands and colours. The lipsticks I used this week are:

1. MyFace Gigabite lipstick in 155 Strawberry Fields
2. Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in 457 Wild Orchid
3. Mac lipstick in Costa Chic
4. Collection 2000 Volume Sensation lipstick in 4 Plum Perfection
5. No 7 Moisture Drench lipstick in 30 Plum Beautiful
6. No 7 Mirrorball lipstick
7. Urban Decay lipstick in Naked
8. Lancome L'Absolu Rouge in Voile de Rose
9. Mac lipstick in Playtime

Find out what I thought about these lipsticks and see more pictures including swatches after the jump!

My favourite lipstick this week has to be... it's a tie actually between Revlon Wild Orchid (I know, I'm being boring here) and Collection 2000 Plum Perfection. Wild Orchid is a beautiful colour, the lipstick has a great formula and is long lasting. Plus no nasty smells. Plum Perfection is also a lovely colour, though a little more sheer than Wild Orchid (what isn't?), but it also has a nice long lasting formula. It has a minty scent which I don't mind.

Least favourite one is probably the MyFace lipstick, it's just too sheer and doesn't last at all long. It's an okay everyday colour, but nothing exciting. Also, No 7 Moisture Drench lipstick in Plum Beautiful is just not that special either.

I'm glad I did this challenge because I thought I hated Urban Decay Naked because of the smell (of burnt sugar), but since this lipstick is a couple of years old now, it doesn't smell anymore and the colour is a nice nude, so actually I do quite like it. I do wish the packaging was less over the top and that dagger at the bottom is just a nuissance (you can't stand it up because of the dagger, that's why I'm holding it in the picture above), but otherwise I quite like it.

I have included some lip swatches at the bottom of the post including Mac Playtime lipstick, but sadly the colour is really not realistic. The lipswatch is closer to the real colour (still too purple), but in the whole face picture it's quite a lot more purple. It is actually a very nice colour on me.

So there you go, the end of this challenge. Time to think up a new one. Any suggestions are very welcome! Finally here are the swatches:

Taken with flash

Taken without flash on a cloudy day

Revlon Wild Orchid

Mac Playtime

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