Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Colour Craft look no. 3

Today's look was done using Mac Mineralize eyeshadow quad in Girlish Romp, Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in Triple Fusion, Mac lipglass in Funky Fusion, plus Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Ransom, Mac Brow Set in Show Off and Le 2 de Guerlain mascara in Butterfly sparkle. I really like Girlish Romp, the colours are so soft and girly, and go together really well. Triple Fusion is lovely too, it works as a light blush/highlighter on me, very pretty.
Here are some pictures:

Monday, 13 July 2009

Another Colour Craft look

I have done another look today using my new Colour Craft goodies. To create the look I used Mac Mineralize Eyeshadow quad in Fashion Patch (except the black shade), Mac Mineralize Eyeshadow trio in Persuasive (dark blue shade for the outer crease), Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural and Shimmer in Medium, Mac Mineralize Blush in Daft Pink, and Mac lipglass in Crazy Haute. Other products used are Boots No7 Metallic eyeliner in Blue, Boots No7 liquid eyeliner in Sapphire, Maybelline Lash Stilletto Mascara and Mac Brow Set in Show Off. Here are some pictures:

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Face of the day

After my big Colour Craft haul yesterday, I felt like using some of the products to create my look today. So I used Smooth Merge MSF as a blush and Eclectic Edge lipglass. On my eyes I used RMK eyeshadows in purple and pink to create this purple look. What do you think?

Friday, 10 July 2009

My Colour Craft haul

Everybody is posting about their Colour Craft hauls, so I couldn't be left out either. I was very upset yesterday when I looked on Mac's UK website and there was no sign of Colour Craft. I phoned my local Mac counter and a very confused MA told me that it was going to be out on the 15th. I later looked again on the website among the Mineralized producst and found the MSFs and blushes up already. Called another counter and was told (by a lot more clued up MA) that although it was going live on the website, CC would not be in the stores until Monday (that's the 13th). I then phoned Mac and asked if they were actually sending the orders out before Monday, was told yes, and if I order before noon, I can have it today. So.... I did, and here is what I got:
I didn't get Porcelain Pink as I already own it, but couldn't resist all the lovely MSFs. I also didn't get Style demon blush because I thought it might be too dark, but I will go to the Mac counter on Wednesday to check it out in person. I didn't get any of the lipsticks (will see in person, right now I'm thinking I'll might get Trimming talk and Madly creative), and also didn't get Pretty pattern and Nice mix up lipglasses as I wasn't sure about them, but having seen some swatches, I'm pretty sure I'll get Nice mix up on Wednesday. Not Pretty pattern as it looks too brown and boring to me. I got all 6 eyeshadows and they all look so pretty, can't wait to use them.
Here's a picture and some swatches of the lovely MSFs:
My favourite MSFs are Cheeky Bronze and Smooth Merge, and I also love Porcelain Pink, it's such a gorgeous soft pink colour. Also loving Hand finish and Daft pink blushes, they feel more like mini-MSFs to me, especially Hand finish.
I will also check out the Naked Honey collection on Wednesday, although I'm really only planning on getting the lighter shade of the highlighting powders.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

My new storage solutions

I have recently purchased some nifty little storage units from eBay for keeping my stash in. I have a big make up collection and most of it is stored in boxes which isn't very easy to get at (they're under my chests of drawers). So I have bought a bigger 5 drawer unit and some smaller ones, and although they don't take anywhere near most of my stuff, I have managed to organize my eye products (liners, mascaras, etc.) and (drugstore) lipglosses, plus put all my Mac products in one, easily reachable place. See slideshow below:

Thursday, 2 July 2009

No Colour Craft today :(

Despite being told by the girls at my local Mac counter that Colour Craft was coming out in the UK today, it's not. :( I checked the website this morning and there was no sign of any new collections, so I e-mailed them and was told CC is coming out next Thursday. So yet another week to wait. Very disappointed.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Stereo Rose!!!

I am now the proud owner of a gorgeous, very hard to find, limited edition Stereo Rose MSF. I got it from a lady on MUA and I am so happy I did. To be honest with you, I meainly got it because I collect MSFs and I'd heard that this one is a really lovely one, although I had seen pictures, I never really understood as it looks a bit "dirty" to me. What I mean is that it doesn't have that pretty veining some of the other MSFs like Petticoat and Glissade have, so for a while I wasn't sure I wanted it. But as this was pretty much the only one missing from my collection (as well as a few dark ones like Brunette, Metal Rock, Gold Deposit that don't suit me at all), I gave in and tracked it down. And boy am I glad I did. When I tested it on my hands I couldn't believe my eyes, it is just the most perfect pink I've ever seen! Absolutely gorgeous. So I am very happy I now own it and this brings my collection of MSFs to 22. Until Friday that is, because I was told at my local Mac counter that Colour Craft is out tomorrow (a week earlier than in the US), so I'll be going shopping on Friday and will be buying 5 new MSFs! (I already own a Porcelain Pink MSF.) I will post about my haul later this week as well as update my MSF collection photo if I get the chance. But for now, here's a picture of my lovely new Stereo Rose and a swatch that doesn't quite do it justice, but gives an idea of the colour anyway.

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Look what came in the post today!

I've been shopping on eBay again and this is what I bought:
Chantecaille La Baleine Blue for eyes
I've already had the face palette, so now I have the pair. Aren't they just gorgeous? I love Chantecaille's palettes, as you know I own a good few. Of course they are almost too pretty to use, so will be sitting in my drawer untouched for a while yet. Why buy something so expensive just to look at it you ask? That's collectors for you. :) I use plenty other cosmetics I own, but some of these I just can't touch, they'd be spoilt immediately. Maybe I'll be able to buy a back up for these like I did for my Protected Paradise palettes and then I'll use them. :) I know, I'm crazy.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Look what came in the post today!

Other than Mac MSFs I also collect Guerlain Meteorites Voyage powders (as well as Meteorites balls, as you've already seen in a previous post here) and I've recently bought a limited edition brand new in box compact on Ebay for just £39.99! :) These compacts retail for about £100, so this is a great price, especially as the one I bought isn't available anymore in shops. It is the Winter Radiance compact. I've already got a refill in the same shade, but it is lovely to have the proper compact. Here's a picture of my new Guerlain Meteorites Voyage powder: And this is my whole collection of Meteorites powders (plus my Sheer Terracotta Powder which has the same design). Aren't they just gorgeous? :)

Sunday, 21 June 2009

MSF love

I've recently acquired two new MSFs, thanks to some lovely ladies on MUA. My new additions are Shooting Star and Naked You. I'd already had a Naked You, but it arrived broken in the post, so I needed to get a new one. :)
Naked You MSF
Shooting Star MSF
And this is my MSF collection to date. I am still missing Stereo Rose, and I have a couple of back-ups (the broken Naked You, another Light Flush - my favourite MSF) and a New Vegas which I want to swap as I don't use it that much). If anyone out there has a Stereo Rose they don't want, please let me know! :)
Edited to add: My new Soft and Gentle MSF came in the post today (sorry, no picture) and I've managed to buy a Stereo Rose MSF from a lady on MUA, so eagerly awaiting its arrival. I will update my collection picture when it arrives. :)

Thursday, 18 June 2009

MAC Color Craft collection preview!

I've managed to buy two items from the upcoming Mac Color Craft collection thanks to my friends on Ebay. :) Cheek & Cheerful mineralized blush came today in the post and I also got Crazy haute lipglass. They are both lovely and pigmented, Cheek & Cheerful is a lovely bronzy colour (with gold veining and lots of shimmer) and Crazy Haute is a lovely dark pink colour. The lipglass is very different to the Sugarsweet collection's tri-colour lipglasses, partly because it is pre-mixed, and partly because it is really nice and pigmented. I'm really looking forward to this collection coming out as I love mineralized stuff. :) See product images and swatches below. Enjoy!

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Buy one get one free on Dior palettes! (Not really)

I went shopping today (I do that rather a lot) and this is what I bought:
5 colour Dior designer palettes in Navy and Nude Pink
Collection 2000 Mosaic Glow powder in Gold
The reason I ended up getting one Dior palette free is that after paying for the first one I realised that I had enough points on my Advantage Card to get the other one absolutely free (thank you Boots)! Which is just as well because I couldn't decide between the Nude Pink and the Navy palette, but as I'd just bought the Electric Lights palette which is blue, I opted for the pink one, but then HAD to go back for the other one. I absolutely love the shimmery powder on the top right of the palette, both shades are gorgeous and very wearable. To be honest, I loved the other two palettes too (nude and smokey), so will need to keep an eye out for those on MUA and eBay. :) I already own a lot of Dior 5-colour-palettes and I really like them, so am really looking forward to using these too. Here's my collection of Dior palettes as of April this year:

The other thing I bought is Collection 2000's Mosaic Glow powder in Gold. I already own one powder similar to this, which is a bronzy colour, and gives nice glowing finish, but it's not really a bronzer (which is just as well as I don't really do bronzers). This one is more gold in colour and gives a lovely shimmery finish, very nice. See close-up and swatch below:

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Look what came in the post today!

As I said, I buy a lot of make up from Ebay. :) So today I received one of my recent purchases: Guerlain Meteorites Pearly White in shade 04 Pastel White. This is an Asia exclusive, so bought it from Singapore. :) I already have a big collection of Meteorite powder balls and pressed powders, as the picture below shows, although I have aquired a couple of them since that was taken 2 months ago. I just love them, love their scent and the fine powders. So today I'm a very happy woman. :) I'll leave you with a picture of my Meteorites collection (as of April - I need to take new pictures of my stash). Enjoy! :)

This week's look

As I have mentioned before, I have a rather large make up collection (more on that later) and I rotate my make up in order to use everything. I don't have a very good storage system, most of my make up is stored in boxes, so I would never have the time in the mornings to try and find something that I want to wear. That's why I use a different brand every week, and this week it's Chantecaille week!
I first got into Chantecaille when I saw a picture of their gorgeous Protected Paradise palettes, and I knew I had to have them. They are very expensive at £80 each, but I managed to order them slightly cheeper from the US, and I've acquired quite a few other palettes and powders since thanks to my friends on Ebay. :) My collection as of April this year is shown below, although I have since swapped the Bengali Tiger palette and bronzer on MUA because I knew I would never use them. Not that I have used most of my Chantecaille stuff, and as you can see I even got back-ups of the PP palettes as they really are just too gorgeous to touch. Since then I have also acquired another Garden in Kyoto palette (back-up), but am still searching for a White Whale eye palette. I also have a collection of 6 mini lipglosses that I forgot to include in the photo.
Okay then, so today I used my back-up Garden in Kyoto palette to create this look:
These are the products I used, including Garden in Kyoto. Isn't it just gorgeous? :)
Next week is Estee Lauder week. I'll tell you more about the EL make up I own later.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Look what came in the post today!

As I said, I regularly buy cosmetics from eBay, although what I received today actually came from a lovely lady from MUA who offered to do a CP for me from the US. It's the Nordstrom exclusive Mac quad: A rose is a rose. It is so pretty, love the colours, especially the pink and purple, can't wait to try them out. (I have a weird way of using my make up, I rotate it every week, using certain brands each week - this week is Chantecaille week - more on this later, so it won't be just yet, but soon anyway).
Here's a couple of pictures of my new aquisition. Enjoy! :)

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Pleasureflush - my new addition

Okay, so where shall I start? The reason why I named my blog Pleasureflush is that recently I've had the opportunity to purchase a brand new Pleasureflush MSF (by Mac) and I love it. :) I only got into Mac a year or so ago, I think the first product that caught my eye was the Petticoat MSF, and then there were the Electroflash mineralize eyeshadow duos, and the rest is history. :) I've already had several MSFs (I think I have 18 altogether), mostly thanks to eBay (I am a huge eBay addict) and always heard about how fantastic Pleasureflush was, so when I saw that someone was selling them on eBay, I snatched one up. It cost A LOT (I won't admit how much I spent on it, although nowhere near as much as some people claim it's worth), but it really is lovely. I got a brand new one, so it will last me forever and there is no way I'm using it up anyway! :)
I shall leave you with a couple of pictures of my lovely new Pleasureflush. It is my son's birthday tomorrow and I need to ice his birthday cake and wrap up his birthday presents, so I'm going to be busy for the rest of the evening.
If anyone's reading this, I would really appreciate if you could leave me a comment just so I know I'm not typing all this for the void. :)

Welcome to my blog!

Hi Everyone! My name is Anita, I'm a huge make up addict and have been reading lots of make up blogs. So I thought now it's my turn to create one myself. I am a busy mother of 3, so won't be able to write too much every day, but I am bursting to show off my huge make up collection and lovely items that I own and can't really talk about with anyone else. I am a real beginner at this, so please bear with me until I get the hang of blogging. Thanks for reading! Anita xxx
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