Friday, 13 May 2011

Guerlain Terra Inca powder and Terre Indigo eyeshadow compact

Another Guerlain post, this time with a couple of products from the summer collection, Terra Inca. I got the Sublime Radiant Powder and the 4 shade eyeshadow called Terre Indigo. I bought them both in Florida and if I remember correctly, the powder cost $70 and the eyeshadow compact was $45. I don't think this collection is out in the UK yet (it wasn't on Sunday when I asked in Debenhams), so not sure about the prices, but I'm guessing £45-ish for the powder and £30-ish for the eyeshadows. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong though.  

The Terra Inca powder is a nice bronzy powder with slight shimmer, it's not really a bronzer more of an illuminator or blush for lighter skintones. The compact feels like wood, but it's not very heavy, so not too sure what it's made of. Instead of hinges it's held together with 3 magnets, so when you open it, the lid comes straight off. It has a nice big mirror in the lid. The powder weighs 14.5 g, so it's pretty big.

The eyeshadow compact contains 4 shades: orange, chocolate brown, dark brown, blue and some gold overspray. You get 9 g which is pretty good, it's even more than the 6 colour palettes Guerlain released last year (and those cost £52.50!).

I apologise but there won't be any swatches in this post as I haven't managed to test these yet, they are both so pretty, I don't want to ruin the lovely designs. You know me. I will be brave and use them some day, and will let you know what I think. For now, there are a lot of pictures below.

Terra Inca powder with flash

Terra Inca powder without flash


  1. Wow! Those are pretty!! It would take me a while to use those too haha

  2. The Terra Inca powder is just too beautiful! The promo images for this collection have been my desktop back ground for a while. If I do spot it in the UK I'm not sure I'll be able to resist! x


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