Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Guerlain Vol de Nuit Perfumed Shimmer Powder

I love Guerlain's shimmer powders and I always get compliments when I wear them. They are very glam, yet quite subtle and very elegant. I usually spray it on my hair, decolletage and arms (not my face as that would be too shimmery even for my liking) and I just love the very fine shimmer. They don't come cheap at neary 50 quid, but they do last a long time (unless you use them every day which would be rather over the top) and they are pure luxury.

This year's offering is Vol de Nuit, a beautiful gond shimmer powder in a gorgeous teal bottle. Guerlain says this is their first scented shimmer powder, but I'm pretty sure the other ones are scented too, so not sure what that's all about. Still, it smells lovely and the shimmer looks divine. The bottle is modelled on their vintage Vol de Nuit frangrance bottle and has a puff that you squeeze to spray some powder. It looks great on the dressing table just like a bottle of expensive perfume.

I have to say though I was very surprised by how tiny the bottle was, it fits in the palm of my hand! Product wise you actually get a tiny bit more than last year at 17.5 g, so I guess it's just how the bottle is. Instead of having lots of glass around the bit that contains the powder, the whole bottle is just much smaller. I was also surprised to see how small it was because the box is massive as usual. Oh and the inside of the box has the same teal-black zebra pattern as the highlighting powder and the Meteorites.

The retail price is £49.50, so pretty steep, but this is a real luxurious treat, so if you like your shimmer-glimmer on a night out, you will love it.

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In direct sunlight

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