Saturday, 13 November 2010

My Dior holiday haul

I love Dior and their eyeshadows in particular, so always get sucked into buying their newest limited edition quints. I already have a massive collection (you can check it out here), but I needed to get the two new holiday quints as well because they are gorgeous. I also bought one of the star products released in this year's holiday collection: Dior Mineudiere in Pink Golds.

Read more about these eyeshadow palettes and see more pictures after the jump!

First up it's Dior Minaudiere in Pink Golds. As you can see it comes in a different box rather than the standard dark blue and the Dior logo is also in gold rather than blue which makes it look very luxurious and gives it a bit of a holiday feeling. Inside the box you find the palette that is in the shape of a clutchbag wrapped in black Dior tissue paper. Very nice. The palette contains 3 eyeshadows and two lipglosses and a double ended brush/applicator. I know some people don't like eye and lip products mixed in one palette, but Dior has created a brilliant solution to the problem, the lipglosses are under a lovely gold "trapdoor" and therefore are protected from the eyeshadow powder falling into them. Here are some pictures to see what I'm on about.

Next up are the eyeshadow quints. There's a special "Gold" edition one, 001 Five Golds which also comes in a black box and has the gold logo like the Minaudiere palette. The other one, 529 Endless Shine comes in the regular blue box. Five Golds is actually 3 golds, a black and a silver, a wondefully glitzy evening palette, perfect for the festive season or a night out in general. Endless Shine reminds me of Sunset Cafe, but an iridescent version of it. Not exactly the same, a bit lighter actually, but similar. I didn't swatch any of the palettes, but Karla over at The Next Best Thing To Going Shopping Yourself did and as usual her swatches are excellent. Here are my pictures of the palettes though:

Five Golds, Endless Shine

Five Golds and Endless Shibe (with flash)

Endless Shine (with flash)

Five Golds (with flash)

Endless Shine (without flash)

Five Golds (without flash)

Five Golds and Endless Shine (without flash)

Have you bought anything from this collection? Are you planning to? Do share!


  1. lovely haul! Gosh I love the packaging of the Dior Minaudiere. I wish the shadows could be removed so I can store keys and coins!

  2. i am in love with my dior minaudiere! it's my favourite thing i own! everything from the packaging to the sparkle it puts on my eye! i love it!


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