Saturday, 8 October 2011

NOTD: Andrea Fulerton and Claire's - Now We're Talking!

You might remember my disappointing experience with Claire's glitter top coat over the lovely Andrea Fulerton pink nail polish (from the Princess duo) - if not, check out this post. I also purchased a holographic glitter top coat with blue and light pink large glitter that I tried out over my lovely Andrea Fulerton nail polish. This time I was pretty happy. Firstly, there was a lot more glitter on my nails after just one coat. Secondly, it didn't chip off nearly as quickly as the other one did. I did however apply it about 24 hours after applying the Andrea Fulerton nail polish plus Nails Inc top coat, so maybe that made the difference.

However, the amount of glitter in this is so much better than the other one I tried. I reckon if you were to use it on its own, 3 coats would give a pretty good coverage. Maybe I should give it a go! Let me know if you have this nail polish and whether you've tried it on it own! This one cost around £2.25 and is avialble from Claire's by the way.

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