Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Want It: Guerlain Fall 2012 Collection

I always get very excited when I hear about Guerlain's upcoming collections and once again I was thrilled to see all the gorgeous products coming out this autumn/fall. It seems Guerlain fall is all about lips and cheeks. There are some brand new products as well as new shades added to existing lines (not sure exactly what is limited edition and what isn't).

The gorgeous Natalia Vodianova is once again the face of Guerlain's campaign and this time she is sporting a gorgeous red gloss. There is a new gloss called Rouge G L'Extract de Guerlain. It comes in the signature silver Guerlain G case, similar to the Rouge G lipsticks and Noir G mascara (although that case is black) with the folding mirror. I do wonder ifthe texture will be more similar to the new YSL glosses and the now discontinued Chanel Rouge Allure Laque. There will be 7 shades of these coming out this fall.

Continue reading yo find out what other products are in Guerlain's upcoming fall collection!

Here's another picture of the case.

There are also new blush duos called Rouge aux Joues. They contain a blush and a highlighter shade each, although looking at the pictures I'm not entirely sure how it works, some of the shades seem rather dark to be highlighters. Regardless, they are very pretty and I can't wait to have a play. Blushes are the one product from Guerlain that I'm not entirely happy with, some of their existing blushes are a bit of a hit and miss. These look like they might just become my new favourites.

They will come in 6 shades:
01 Peach Boy
02 Chic Pink
03 Over Rose
04 Pink Punk
05 Golden High
06 Red Hot

There will also be new shades of Rouge G lipsticks coming out: 27 Gilda, 28 Genna, 47 Gisela, 76 Gracy, B04 Bonnie (last one is Rouge G Le Brillant).

A new lip pencil, Stylo Levres: 42 Bois des Indes

L’Ecrin 4 Couleurs eyeshadow palette in 14 Les Fauves (I'm guessing that's what Natalia is wearing in the promo picture).

New shades of Kiss Kiss Gloss: 851 Sable Show and 873 Grenade In.

The collection will be available in August.

And finally, also in August there is a new Terracotta bronzer Terra Soleia. No idea why so late in the summer, but I will definitely pick it up, I mean just look at this:

Are you excited about anything? Let me know in the comments!



  1. Terra Soleila is soooo mine :)

  2. Just gorgeous! I'm not sure how I feel about the plasticy looking lid on the bronzer though. Whilst the product is stunning the lid seems out synch with the rest of the luxurious packaging? x

    1. The bronzers in the regular Terracotta line come in plastic compacts, but I think they are really nice too. I have the multi-colour Blondes bronzer and I don't mind the plastic packaging. Those are usually a bit cheaper than £51 too (which is how much the new Terra Azzurra one costs - ouch!).

  3. Guerlain usually has a late bronzer that comes out at the very end of summer most years like the Princess Powder (I still can't use it; it's too pretty!) As always, it tends to more spectacular in appearance and size compared to the other bronzers released in the same summer. Maybe as a last taste of the season?

  4. Thanks for the post. Sephora has it!!! I just bought it with their 10% discount (use code THRILL). I can't wait. I thought I needed to wait until September, but Sephora only has the bronzer for now. I want to try out the new Rouge G gloss and the blushes. Guerlain hasn't release a pretty design blush pattern in a while.


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