Thursday, 3 May 2012

This Month I...

Rather than just doing a post about products I've finished this month, I've decided to do more of a summary of the last month and all beauty related happenings. So here we go.

Last month I...
  • finished 3 products. It's been a slow month, what can I say? At least it's more than nothing, eh? One of the products finished was Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara which I really enjoyed using and would definitely consider repurchasing if I didn't already own 20+ mascaras. It also lasted for ages, I don't even remember when I first started using it, it didn't go bad or dry out, just simply ran out eventually. 
  • have overspent by about £250 again. I think I should just up my budget, because it's clearly too low. Or maybe buy less make up and spend less money. (Crazy talk, I know.)
  • have bought another lorry load of nail polishes. I know I'm crazy, I have been buying nail polish all the time, but there are so many pretty colours! I have also discovered a couple of brands (namely Glitter Gal and A-England) I'd not heard about before and they both happened to be holographic nail polishes which is my weakness. 
Here are some pictures of the pretty polishes I bought in April (some reviews will follow eventually, let me know in the comments which ones you're interested in the most). First up, A-England holo polishes:

Princess Tears, Lady Of The Lake, Ascalon, Tristram, Princess Sabra

See lots more pictures after the jump!

Glitter Gal holo polishes:

Fuchsia, Copper, Red, Dark Purple, Marine Blue, Lizard Belly, Green

I got these Nails Inc polishes in TKMaxx for £27 the lot (instead of £77). They're all so pretty!

Regent's Park Road, Wardour Mews, New King's Road, New Burlington Place, Emerald Street, Garrick Street, Burlington Arcade

Zoya Surf collection:

Rory, Carly, Meg, Myrta, Zuza, Kimber

More Zoya polishes including the Fleck Effect Trio:

Charla, Mimi, Alegra, Maisie, Opal, Chloe

Color Club Take Wing collection:

Fly With Me, Sparkle And Soar, Metamorphosis, Daisy Does It, Sky High, Wing Fling

Assorted Color Club polishes including TKMaxx find, some more holos and a cream lilac:

3 nonames, Covered In Diamonds, Wild At Heart, Fashion Addict, Lavendarling

More assorted polishes:

Models Own Hed Kandi Disco Heaven, Barry M Silvery Lilac and Copper, Topshop Ice Crush, Adrenalin, Mercury Miasma, Hypnotic, OPI Purple With A Purpose

As you can see I have gone completely off the rails with my nail polish buying, so I will now try to be a very good girl and not buy any more for a while. I do have the new China Glaze Prismatic collection on its way to me and I've been trying to buy the Models Own Hed Kandi Ibiza Mix polish for ages, but otherwise I'm good.

Let me know how your April went (beauty or otherwise).


    1. Where did you get the glitter gal? I've never seen it in the UK :(

      1. Hi Katie,

        They are available from here: They're £8.75 each, so not very cheap, but I've looked on eBay and they're no cheaper there with shipping from Australia. :(

    2. Whoa! That is a lot of polish! How fab... I bought some things I have been wanting for a long time: Chanel Bonheur Rouge Coco lip shine, Sheshido Accentuating Colour Stick in Rouge (very nice), Stila Smudge Crayon in Umber (just gorgeous) and Stila Jewel Eye Colour in Rose Quartz, which is super-sparkly and lovely.

      1. Well it was a slow(ish) month for make up, so I bought nail polish instead. :)

        I've been meaning to try out the new Stila smudge crayons and jewel eye colours, but there's no Stila counter near me, however I'm going to London at the weekend, so will check them out and see if I pick up any (a few). :)

    3. Wow that's a lot of polish! I say set your budget at what ever you're comfortable with. It's your money! x

      1. I know, it's a ridiculous amount of polish. *rolls eyes* I can't say I'm very comfortable with spending this much each month, but I just can't say no to pretty things. Plus I almost always only buy high end make up now (I count Mac as high end too, when a lipstick is £14 and an eyeshadow is £11, that's high end imo), so it adds up VERY quickly.


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