Thursday, 17 May 2012

My Mac Hey Sailor Haul and Swatches Part 2

Okay, so this is not much of a haul, but I thought I'd rather do a separate post than add these to the end of my other Hey Sailor haul post. In this post I wanted to show you the two eyeshadows I bought from Hey Sailor.

I got Barefoot (left) and Feeling Fresh (right). Barefoot is described by Mac as tarnished gold which I agree with. It's a Veluxe Pearl finish, so it's lovely and smooth. It isn't overly pigmented, but the colour is buildable. Feeling Fresh is described as bright green, which is true, it is very bright. It's a lovely grass green colour, not too yellow, not too blue, and it has gorgeous micro shimmer to it. This is a very pigmented shade and has an excellent colour pay off and texture. This one is a Frost finish. Both eyeshadows are limited edition and come in a limited edition blue packaging with white stripes, same as the rest of the Hey Sailor collection. They cost £12.50 each which is 50p more than regular Mac eyeshadows (my God, when did they get so expensive by the way?). Barefoot is 1.3g, Feeling Fresh is 1.5g, the difference is due to the different finishes I believe.

See more pictures including swatches after the jump! 

Barefoot, Feeling Fresh

Barefoot, Feeling Fresh

Barefoot, Feeling Fresh
Taken with flash

Barefoot, Feeling Fresh
Taken without flash in natural daylight

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  1. I could *not* rock that green if my life depended on it...


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