Saturday, 19 May 2012

NOTD: No7 Vivid Violet and Color Club Covered In Diamonds

I had been eyeing up this gorgeous purple shade from No7, such a pretty purple. I also found Color Club Covered In Diamonds on one of my many, frequent trips to TKMaxx. The two polishes were meant for each other! Vivid Violet, while very pretty on its own, provides the best canvas for Covered In Diamonds. It is a flaky polish with loads of multicoloured flakes in different shapes.

The formula of Vivid Violet was very nice, but Covered In Diamonds is VERY thick, so you really only want to do one coat. Luckily it has a lot of flakes, so you get a good coverage in just one application. I can't remember now how long it lasted without chipping, I think it was the average 2 days or so, but in the end I kept it on my nails for ages because it was so pretty.

No7 polishes cost £7 from Boots and you get 10 ml. Color Club isn't available in the UK (other than TKMaxx I think), but on eBay you can find it for around $3 (£1.80) and you get 15 ml.

See more pictures after the jump!


  1. Oo that's a gorgeous combo. I got a color club set, a sort of pastel-y one from tkmaxx recently but not tested it out yet- now i want this glittery one too :)


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