Wednesday, 26 January 2011

It's all about pinks and greys this spring: Dior Cannage Eyeshadow palette #002 Whisper Grey

I have already reviewed the 5 colour eyeshadow palettes and Cannage palette #001 Dawn Grey and now it's time for my review of the second Cannage palette #002 Whisper Grey. I actually thought it was a brown palette at first, but it's also a grey and pink palette like #001 Dawn Grey, but instead of a black shade it has a white shade (the other colours aren't the same either, but similar as in there's a pink and a silver grey, but the darker grey isn't metallic like in #001 Dawn Grey). It's a nice soft coloured palette, probably more suitable for daytime wear, whereas #001 Dawn Grey would be more of an evening look palette.

Otherwise, the packaging is exactly the same as the other palette (please see my review for reference), very classy and luxurious, but then it is Dior after all.

See more pictures and swatches after the jump!

Taken with flash

Taken without flash on a gloomy day


  1. Hello again,

    Since you also own Tailleur Bar, I was wondering how the palettes of Dawn Grey and Whisper Grey compare to it? Are any of the shades dupes of each other?

    I ask this also because of the names. On the sheet that came with Tailleur Bar, Dawn Grey and Whisper Grey were two of the shades named, so it makes me wonder if maybe at first Dior had thought to use Tailleur Bar as a release for spring (or the entire collection for fall when Tailleur Bar came out) as the colours are very similar and go well together. It would be kind of cool if they were (and bad because of the collect them all mentality since they all go so well together ^^).

  2. The Dawn Grey shade in Tailleur Bar is a blue-grey, so it has no dupes in either Cannage palettes. Whisper Grey is fairly similar to the darker grey in Whisper Grey Cannage palette, but it's not an exact dupe. Hope this helps.


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