Thursday, 20 May 2010

Guerlain Meteorites Voyage Powder Midnight Diamond and pictures of my collection

If you've been following my blog for a while you will know that I am a huge fan of Guerlain, and in particular Guerlain Meteorites. Every year for Christmas Guerlain releases a special limited edition pressed powder called the Voyage Powder that normally co-ordinates the Meteorites Pearls in colour. These powders are very expensive, they cost around £100 for 8 g. They are refillable and the refills come at around £30, and they are absolutely beautiful, both on the inside and the outside. They are the ultimate luxury make up items. I've got sucked into collecting them when the 2008 limited edition one came out as it was so pretty and now I own 10 of them (plus a couple of back ups that I managed to pick up half price and actually use quite a lot). There is still one missing, it's called Eclat de Rose and I think it's from 2003, so it won't be easy finding one in good condition now. The other one I'd been trying very hard to find is Midnight Diamond from 2004. Fortunately after searching eBay and MUA for it every day, I've managed to buy a brand new boxed one for my collection. Cost a lot, but yay! I finally got it.
Guerlain Voyage Powder Midnight Diamond
I thought I'd also show you my whole collection of Guerlain Voyage Powders (also included the Terracotta Bronzing Powders as they are the same mosaic design as some Voyage Powders) and while I was at it, the pressed powder version of the Meteorites pearls. A word of warning about these, if you are planning on buying these from eBay, be careful as I have seen fakes of these powders. They are set deep in their container and come with a puff. The real ones as you can see in my pictures, are raised and don't come with a puff. You can find pictures of my collection of Meteorites pearls here. I'm hoping to be able to take photos of my Guerlain eyeshadows next week, I have quite a collection of those as well.

See below for more photos...

Guerlain Voyage Powder Midnight Diamond
Guerlain Voyage Powder Midnight Diamond
My collection of Voyage Powders
My collection of powders open
Top row: Gold Temptation, Midnight Diamond
Bottom row: Mythic (new style), Imperial
Top row: Eclat de Nacre, Perles de Velours
Bottom row: Winter Radiance, Radiant Butterfly
Top row: Red Pastel, Blondes Halees Terracotta Powder
Bottom row: Mythic (original), Blondes Terracotta Powder
Meteorites Pressed Powders
Meteorites Pressed Powders (open)
Mythic Parfait, Rose Frais Nacre de Mers, Beige Lumineux


  1. this is absolutely stunning ! :-)

  2. These are so gorgeous...must have been so expensive, but they're /so/ pretty!

  3. gorgeous..i love guerlain very much as well. I have the newest voyage version. Thought you should have the poudre d'or?

  4. I have it. This post is over a year old! ;)

  5. Hi, I know its been ages since you've posted this but I am thinking of purchasing my first ever Guerlain meteorites. Seeing as you own both the voyages pressed powder and the perles, can I ask which you prefer?
    I'm looking for something that is not too shimmery as I'm hoping to use it all over the face. My skin tone is NC20-25. Hope to hear back from you and thanks in advance for your advice :)

    1. The perles and the voyago powders pretty much give the same effect, the only difference is that the perles are loose, so the voyago powders are easier to take with you when out and about. The Meteorites are a lot cheaper, about the third of the price, and you get a lot more. Hope this helps.

  6. thank you so so so SO much for showing us your collection, honey :) ... I have been a great admirer of Guerlain Meteorities for 3 years now because their rose-coloured pearls are just THE match for my face skin tone which is rather white but not spotless white. Their powders even out the skin tone rather than covering blemishes but miraculously, one looks a lot better after applying it. Also I have oily skin and although it lessened over the years (I will be 58 next month), it is still there and the powder's shine masks that, too. Because of its lovely scent, I feel good even when otherwise, my self-image and appearance sometimes lack luster lol. The pearls are not just face powders but can be applied all over the body for the scent and.- or the shimmer. Great for the late night out in town or on a warm sunny beach at midnight. Yay !!! Cheers, Freya from Germany


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