Friday, 2 March 2012

Last Month I...

I've decided that instead of doing yet another boring post about the products I finished last month, I would do a bit of a different post this time. So I called it "Last Month I..." and I will share a few beauty related things that I did/bought/used/loved/hated, etc. over the past month.

So last month I...
  • finished 8 products (not bad) out of which the most expensive one was my beloved Guerlain Meteorites Radiant Butterfly Voyage Powder. I bought this in 2008 and in fact this was one of my first ever Guerlain purchases. It was the gorgeous Midnight Butterfly collection of holiday 2008 that sucked me in completely, I bought almost everything from it, including this beauty. It cost around £100 in shops (although I paid quite a bit less on eBay), so it's one of the most expensive make up items I own. So it was actually a bit sad to finish it, but you won't be surprised to hear that I have a back up. Plus the gorgeous compact is refillable, so I can just pop a regular Voyage Powder refill in it. Just how pretty is this?

Keep reading to find out what else I did last month!

  • nearly finished a fragrance too (I'd say it has 3-4 more days to go before it's finished). I don't normally do no-buys, but I have placed myself on a fragrance no-buy until I finish at least 5 of my approximately 50 fragrances. This will be the first one to be finished, so we're talking best part of a year here. Uh-oh.
  • bought far too much make up (again) and as a result managed to exceed my self-imposed beauty budget (again). I didn't do too bad (by my standards anyway), but I need to try harder next month. I was also lucky the new Mac collections didn't launch until 1st March because that would've messed up my total big time (haul post coming up by the way!). This way I'm already halfway through my March budget, but thankfully I'm not wanting much this month. April will see the new high end summer collections like Guerlain and Chanel though.
  • rediscovered my less loved lipglosses including my Chanel Glossimers. It's not that I don't love them, but I keep them in a separate place from my other lipglosses because they're much longer and don't fit in the icecream boxes where my other lipglosses are (plus I was really into lipsticks during winter when it was all windy and cold) and don't tend to reach for them a lot. I also started using my Mac Dazzleglasses that have been neglected somewhat. So many glosses, so little time!
  • discovered some new brands including Bellapierre and Layla, and I will be reviewing my findings soon. For now I will say I like one very much and one quite a bit. Check back later to find out more!
I guess that's all I can think of. Is everyone else happy it's finally spring? I'd been thinking it must be spring for ages with all these gorgeous spring collections coming out and finally the calendar says that too. The weather, not so much, but could be worse. Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Funny thing is I bought and finished the Radiant Butterfly compact at around the same time as you. well not really the compact. When I bought it, I bought a refill and slipped the refill in first so only when I was "braver" would I be able to use it. Since I finished the refill a couple months ago, I've slipped in the new refill (in a new formulation apparently) and am ready for another 3-4 years! ^__^

    Many people don't publish when they bought and finished certain items so it's difficult for me to guess how long it would approximately take to finish things such as this so thank you!

    1. I didn't actually use this for a while, I'd been using it on and off for a couple of years I guess, but I decided it needed finishing a few months ago, so I was only using this as my finishing powder for a little while now. I'm a little sad we didn't get a new Voyage Powder last holiday, hope they haven't stopped them entirely, but maybe they weren't selling too well since they are so expensive, so not sure if we'll see them again. :(

    2. I used mine on and off as well. It was only once I hit pan that I reddevoted myself to using it till it was finished (also had to find a brush that would be able to pick up the leftovers).

      It surprised me too this past holiday season, especially since it seems they're slowly fazing out any portable Meteorites except for the Travel Touch. The pressed powders have been discontinued and the cheaper compacts are disappearing at a steady pace (though in my opinion, these didn't seem to be of the same quality as the others), so all that's left are the cans. I hope this just means they're doing a revamp. They won't eliminate the Meteorites entirely since they're a cult product and a bestseller but I can see them doing more frequent revamps.

      The price part wouldn't surprise me except that that many beauty items these days are going into astronomical prices. I remember when I was a teenager, the most expensive beauty item was in skincare for $200 CND; now that's a "normal" high end price. If anything, many of the limited edition items of the past compared to now were definitely cheaper. On the other hand, I hope this means Guerlain won't go completely over the top like for say a $500 CND compact O_O

    3. I used mine religiously when I first got it, off and on for a couple of year and when I hit pan, kept going though there was a brief period when I had to stop because I didn't have powder brush small enough for bits stuck in the rim.

      It surprised me as well that this last holiday season didn't have a compact, especially since Guerlain has discontinued the pressed powder version and are slowly fazing out the cheaper compact version (though these sadly weren't up to par with the regular line in my opinion). They won't faze out Meteorites anymore than they'll faze out Terracotta since both are cult favourites and bestsellers. I hope this means they're just doing another revamp, which could also mean more refill options. ^_^ Revamps seem to take place quicker nowadays with brands.

      If the Blush G and Parure de Nuit powder came with decorated cases, I would have said those were the replacement to the Voyage line since you can refill those compacts with the foundation.

      I don't think expense would be the reason to drive them out. Comparing when I started using makeup a few years ago till now, prices have definitely jumped on the beauty market. I remember when the most expensive skin products were $200 CND; now that's considered mid-rangish for high-end brands since the bar has been raise to $500 CND or more! Also, more companies are coming out with extreme limited editions (Dior and Chanel's numbered editions), so unless they're willing to give up that share of the market, I can't see Guerlain discontinuing their stock in it but I can see them doing the same idea (numbered editions, smaller number produced for exclusivity) as well as making them more elaborate.

    4. Sorry for the double reply! Usually on a Blogger websites a little message would pop up to tell me if a reply has gone through so I thought it must have eaten up my first reply.

  2. such a beautiful packaging!

  3. I always love your haul posts! You get the best stuff... xxx

    1. Lol, thank you. Hope I don't disappoint. :)

  4. I really like this post! Very creative and different! =)


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