Thursday, 7 June 2012

Hot Weather Equals Sweating and Chafing - Will Neat 3B Face Saver Gel and Action Cream Help Fight Against Them?

I know it's cold and rainy outside, but there was a short spell of hot weather in May when I actually managed to wear a summer dress. Sadly, at the moment, being a couple of stone overweight and being rather bottom-heavy means that if I wear a dress or skirt, my thighs rub together and I end up with an almighty heat rash. Nice. So when I was offered the opportunity of trialling Neat 3B's products, namely their Action Cream and Face Saver Gel (more on that later) I jumped to the opportunity.

The Action Cream "helps prevent sweat rash and chafing and is ideal for use before exercise and also acts as an antiperspirant and a protective emollient". Neat 3B suggest you use it between the legs, between the breasts and between the buttocks. While I don't have many problems with the latter two, I do admit, I need help when it comes to my thighs. So did it work for me? Sadly no. I ended up with a massive heat rash just the same as I would've without using anything. I was dubious from the start as the cream doesn't feel at all slippery and therefore doesn't help with creating more slippage between my thighs. Maybe you're supposed to reapply it during the day, but as the packaging said use 1-2 times a day I decided to do that and see how it works. I also applied it between and under my boobs, but they don't tend to rub together so I didn't see any advantage to using the cream. I also didn't notice less sweating.

I'll tell you what does work for me though, I use Vaseline on my thighs and it basically makes them slide rather than rub together. I do have to reapply quite frequently, but it does help. Anyway, maybe I will do another post on that one.

I also need help in the face sweating department, in fact I'm a Sweatty Betty over all, so I thought I'd give Neat 3B Face Saver Gel a go as well. You're supposed to use it under your usual moisturiser and make up and it should "help prevent excess facial perspiration". The gel itself is unscented, a clear gel that is fairly easy to spread but take a while to sink in. I did find my face remain a bit sticky after using it. Sweating wise I do think it helped, I walked to a friends (about a mile) in hot sunshine and while my face was a bit sweaty, my make up wasn't melting off it. I can't say I didn't sweat at all, but I definitely saw a difference. I have to say though I wasn't very keen on the sticky feeling it left on my face and would probably not bother with it too much in the future.

Neat 3B Action Cream and Face Saver Gel are both available from Express Chemist. Action Cream costs £8.19 for 75g and Face Saver Gel costs £9.89 for 50g.

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*The products in this review were provided free of charge, but my opinion is all mine and unaffected. The link included in this post is not an affiliate link, ie. I don't get paid anything if you click on it.


  1. My fiance uses both of these, and they are a lifesaver for him! Sad to hear that the cream didn't work for you, he adores it. The face saver is good as well, he wears it when we go out to summer bbq's and things like that and it really helps,but he does feel like his face needs a good wash at night time after using it. Great review xx

    1. Yes, that's exactly how I felt, my face needed a good wash afterwards.

  2. I suffer from my thighs rubbing together, too. My thighs were getting so red and sore that my Mum suggested Lanacane, which is £6.65 from Boots. It is an anti-chafing gel which, it says, "relieves and prevents chafing soreness from rubbing skin on skin, skin on clothing".

    It is, as it says, non-greasy, and it goes on very smoothly. It feels like a silicon - very smooth and it works very well for me, with definite 'slippage'.

    One review on Boots site say it also works well as a face primer, keeping the face matte and smooth all day, and it also works well for stopping bra straps and shoes rubbing.

    Of course, it works best if you apply it before you have any chafing.

    1. Thanks for this, I might look into it. x


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