Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Mac Bad Fairy nail polish review

As promised yesterday here's a quick review of Mac's Bad Fairy nail polish (part of the new Venomous Villains collection - out tomorrow!). 

 Mac Bad Fairy nail polish

My first impression is that it's very pretty. I personally don't like matte and creamy nail polishes, I like myself some shimmer. Bad Fairy certainly has that. As well as its orange and pinky red two tone, there is also some multicolour shimmer that makes is even prettier on my nails than in the bottle. 

The formula isn't the best I've ever tried, it's quite runny and it took 3 coats to get it even. First coat looked terrible, very thin and patchy, it was only after the second one that it began to look as it should. As I use Seche Vite quick drying top coat, I can't comment on how fast drying it is (for me it was a minute), but I've heard from someone that it took them almost an hour for the 3 coats to dry properly. It is very pretty though, so if you don't mind the 3 coats and drying time, it is still worth £8. 

I saw on Temptalia that Zoya's Gloria nail polish (from the new Fire & Ice collection) is a pretty similar to Bad Fairy, but it doesn't have the duochrome the new Mac polishes (and the Orly Cosmic FX ones) have, but might be worth checking out should you miss out on Bad Fairy.

See some swatches of Bad Fairy after the jump!

Natural light indoors

Natural light next to window

With flash

I love it how it's red, orange and pink all at once! Gorgeous! 

Have you bought this or any other nail polish from Venomous Villains? Will you be checking them out tomorrow?


  1. I also bought this polish and couldn't stop staring at and got a lot of compliments how great it looks:D

  2. I found a dupe for this :) enjoy

  3. Duhhh....ignore my last comment I just saw your pink spice post to late! I have got them side by side on my pic though if you wanted a look!

  4. Thanks Rach, it's good to know I was right about Pink Spice being a dupe for this! :)


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