Wednesday, 13 June 2012

My Clarins Summer Collection Haul

I have a quick post for you today to show you what I bought from the Clarins Summer Collection. No swatches I'm afraid, but I will do a proper review on the lip balms later. (Not sure when I'll get around to even swatching the eyeshadow palette, it's so pretty, don't want to mess it up.)

As you can see, I bought all 4 lip balms and the gorgeous eyeshadow palette.The lip balms are slightly different to last years (which I didn't actually bought), because this year the balms also have a "core" which is a pretty well pigmented lipstick. You can see below in the pictures what I actually mean.

The eyeshadow palette costs £30 and the lip blams are £16.50 each. They are all still available from Debenhams if you like the look of them.

See more pictures after the jump!

Crystal Pink, Crystal Violet, Crystal Coral, Crystal Red


  1. I've been seriously considering the palette so I'd love to hear what you think of it.

  2. WoW!
    these balms look so nice...I'd like to try one of this...Crystal red colour! :)

  3. I ended up with these too - though I didn't get the red, as I'm too pale to do red! I was slightly disappointed with the balms, as they do need some work to get them to look right - otherwise there's just a thin stripe of colour! Lovely texture/shade though, so I think they're worth it :) I also got the two lip gloss/balms, and don't find that they last more than twenty minutes on me! My daughter loves them though, so she's happy. Viv x

    1. I agree, the balms are quite hard work, but they are very nice. You just have to do a lot of smooshing of the lips and you're okay. :)


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