Sunday, 17 June 2012

My Guerlain Summer Collection Haul Part 1 - Perles d'Azur Meteorites Pearls and Meteorites Brush

I was really looking forward to the Guerlain summer collection, so of course I ended up buying a lot of products. I thought I'd split the haul post into a few parts and actually do proper reviews as well.

First up is the limited edition Meteorites powder Perles d'Azur and the Meteorites powder brush. As you might know already, I'm a big fan of Guerlain Meteorites pearls and I have a very extensive collection of them (I should take an updated photo of my collection, the last one can be seen here if you're interested).

This summer's Meteorites come in a beautiful container designed by Emilio Pucci and the case of the Meteorites brush has the same design (as well as the inside of the boxes every product comes in). This summer's Meteorites container is a lovely blue colour and the lid has the intricate detail, and the brush has matching blue hair. The pearls come in 5 colours: white, gold, copper, pink and blue, and as always they come in different sizes. Although there are blue pearls in there, the overall colour you get is just general skin colour. I would describe Meteorites as finishing powder, it gives a kind of glow to your skin, but it isn't glittery kind of glow. I didn't swatch it for you because it doesn't really show up in swatches.

The brush is really good for applying the Meteorites, but it  also works with other powders. It's very soft and quite dense, and the blue hair is just gorgeous! (The regular Meteorites brush comes with pink hair.) I love the pouch it comes with, the pattern on it is so pretty.

The Meteorites pearls cost £37 and you get 30 g, and the Meteorites powder brush costs £28.

See lots more pictures after the jump!

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  1. Ooooh, I am SO jealous of your collection - I've only been going a couple of years! Of course I got these as soon as I could, and (I'm proud of this actually) I put them into daily use immediately - decided there was no point in keeping them unused :) I love them! I had a couple of meteorites left over from the travel set that I had with (amongst others) Mythic, and added them to this set so that there's no waste - please don't tell me that they are now corrupted beyond use (lol!). viv x


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