Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Rimmel Colour Mousse cream eyeshadow review

I purchased three of these eyeshadows for £4.99 each (2 for 3 offer in Boots) and I have to say I'm pretty happy with them. I bought a couple of the new Estee Lauder cream eyeshadows (blue and purple), but at £15 a pop I didn't feel like buying the beige and brown colours as well. But when I saw these shadows in Boots (especially the brown shade, Mocha caught my eye, which I couldn't buy as they only had some that were already open - hey guys, use testers!), I decided to pick some up. I especially like 006 Get Fresh, a nice light pink shade and 005 Glitz a beige/sandy shade, and while 004 Splash is nice too, it's the least pigmented. They are very soft and glide on nicely, but I can't tell you how longlasting and crease proof they are as i haven't worn them yet. They do claim to last for 8 hours though, so we shall see.

Edited to add: I've found 012 Mocha in my local Superdrug, so added some more pictures. I will let you know how they wear when I've used them.

Anyone's used them? Like them, love them, hate them?

See some pictures...


  1. I've never tried mousse eyeshadows, I don't think they would last too long, or they would be too thick for the eyes. But the swatches look great. Keep us updated on how they perform!!

  2. The neutral colours look like they would make a good base colour. You will have to let us know how they wear :-) x

  3. @O.M.A. They are definitely not heavy, in fact very light, more like whipped cream. :p

  4. These are lovely, but I found they can dry up very quickly. Mermaid dried up before I could use any of it, and Sassy dried up extremely quickly too, despite the lid being screwed on tight as soon as I had removed product from the jar to use. I only managed to get a few uses out of it before it was useless.

    1. Really? Mine are still fine. Maybe you got a bad batch?

    2. I took Mermaid back to the shop and they checked in the drawer to get me a new one (the rest on the display had been opened). I got them to check it before I took it away, and that was dried up too. It could have been a bad batch, I suppose.

      I revived Sassy with MAC Mixing Medium, but it wasn't long before it dried out again.


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