Friday, 22 July 2011

My Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette and Eyeshadow Singles Stash

After reviewing Urban Decay's Rollergirl palette, I thought I'd show you my entire stash of Urban Decay eyeshadows: palettes and singles alike. I love Urban Decay's eyeshadows, they are one of my favourites, they are usually great quality, come in loads of gorgeous colours and while the singles are pretty pricey at £13 each (£14 for Deluxe eyeshadows and £15 for Stardust eyeshadows), the palettes are always very good value. Although once you have a massive collection like mine, it's not always worth picking up the palettes as there are a lot of duplicates (I didn't get any of the 3 new palettes: Fun, Feminine and Dangerous due to duplicates). Mind you though, the new 15 year anniversary palette is most definitely worth picking up as it includes 15 brands new eyeshadows! I will definitely review that for you once I have it.  

My entire Urban Decay eyeshadow stash

Anyway, enough with all the talk, have a look at the details instead! Sorry no swatches this time due to the number of items, but I have reviewed a few of these before. Some of my singles were swatched here, Vegan palette here, my Stardust eyeshadows here and Rollergirl palette here.

See pictures of all my eyeshadow palettes and singles after the jump!

Book of Shadows I

Book of Shadows II

Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows

I♥NYC Book of Shadows

Naked Palette

Bamboo Palette

Deluxe Palette

Rollergirl Palette

Vegan Palette

Black Palette

Preen Palette

My Stardust eyeshadow singles
Top row: Atmosphere, Retrograde, Void
Middle row: 54, Space Cowboy, Diamond Dog
Bottom row: Moon Spoon, Griffith, Bobby Dazzle

My eyeshadow singles

My eyeshadow singles
Top row: Aquarius, Midnight Cowgirl
Middle row: Free Love, Mary Jane, Hot Pants
Bottom row: Dashiki, SWF


  1. I've been hit with eyeshadow envy, I'd loved to have got my hands on one of the book of shadows! xxx

  2. Why did I miss out on the Alice in Wonderland palette? Sigh. I love seeing all the collections together, it makes for nice eye candy!


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