Wednesday, 13 July 2011

My Mac Mineralize Skinfinish (MSF) Collection

As promised in my Semi-Precious Mineralize Skinfinish and Blush Swatch post here are some pictures of my entire Mac MSF collection. I believe I own every MSF ever released except for Comfort which really didn't appeal to me in the slightest, it was just too orange for me. Admittedly some of these are actually way too dark for me, but since they are all limited edition, I can't bare the thought of getting rid of them. Some are also too glittery, mainly the older ones like Naked You and Northern Light, but since I have almost every one of them, I might as well keep them now. I know, I'm crazy...

I didn't realise how many I actually had, but with my newest 4 it adds up to 36! Since there's so many, I'm not going to swatch them all this time, but if there are any requests, let me know in the comments and I'll see what I can do.

I do want to highlight the ones that I love and use the most, which are - in no particular order - Light Flush, Lightscapade (which I believe will be re-released in the autumn!), Stereo Rose, Pleasureflush (naturally), Perfect Topping, Petticoat and the newest one, Rose Quartz. These are all lovely highlighters, and on the case of Petticoat, Stereo Rose and Rose Quartz, very nice blushes.

See more detailed pictures of my collection after the jump!

Top row: Brunette, Shimpagne, New Vegas
Bottom row: By Candlelight, Soft & Gentle, Cheeky Bronze

Top row: Gold Deposit, Northern Light, Lightscapade
Bottom row: So Ceylon, Warmed, Gold Spill

Top row: Northern Light, Lightscapade, Pleasureflush
Bottom row: Warmed, Gold Spill, Petticoat

Top row: Light Flush, Porcelain Pink, Perfect Topping
Bottom row: Warm Blend, Triple Fusion, Smooth Merge

Top row: Refined, Sunny By Nature, Stereo Rose
Bottom row: Shooting Star, Global Glow, Naked You

Top row: Sunny By Nature, Stereo Rose, Metal Rock
Bottom row: Global Glow, Naked You, Glissade

Top row: Blonde, Redhead, Semi-Precious Pearl
Bottom row: Semi-Precious Crystal Pink, Semi-Precious Rose Quartz, Semi-Precious Goldstone

Pink Power, Golden Lariat (Wonder Woman special edition MSFs)


  1. I wish I'd gotten into makeup a few years ago as I would probably be exactly the same and collect every single one! I'm umming and aaahing over whether or not to pick up lightscapade if it is repromoted. Fab collection x

  2. Oh you must pick Lightscapade up, it's gorgeous! It's a lovely highlighter, very unique. x

  3. Wow I'm in awe of your collection! I've only just recently started collecting MSFs so I only have the 4 from Semi Precious, Perfect Topping, and Triple Fusion. I can't bring myself to pay the crazy eBay prices so I keep hoping that they'll eventually all be repromoted.

  4. Ooooh!! I wish I had done this! I only recently started getting all the MSFs from the last couple years, so I am missing the earlier ones. I think they are just so beautiful to look at!

  5. i'm very jealous! I bought my first MSF last week x

  6. wooow i´m sooo jealous!!!love your collection :)

  7. ya me to i am so jellly i am trying to finish of my collection but can't seem to find warmed,so cylon,pleasure flush and manny others.good work with collecting them keep it up


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