Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Nails Inc. The Westend - The Glitter Crackle Polish That Doesn't Crackle

Title says it really. Very disappointed in this, because I was really looking forward to a pretty blue glitter crackle topcoat. I ordered this and The City (review to come soon) at the same time as Farringdon which has a different texture to this and The City, much smoother and more opaque. Sadly this in particular is a very runny polish with not a very good coverage, so it's hard to have an even distribution of glitter on the nails and it just doesn't crackle.

If you look really close at the pictures below, you can just about spot some very very slight cracks, but since the glitter is so uneven anyway, it's hard to say what really caused the gaps. And for £11 a pop that is pretty poor. Shame as it is a lovely colour, and it looks pretty cool over a black base (I used Barry M Nail Paint in Black under it), but it doesn't crackle.

I have notified Nails Inc. about this and I believe a lot of other customers have too, and they have offered to replace my glitter crackle polishes with their regular crackle polishes free of charge, plus I don't even have to return these glitter polishes. Still, I would've loved to have some nice glitter polishes...

See more pictures after the jump!

Nails Inc. The Westend over Barry M Nail Paint in Black (with flash)

Nails Inc. The Westend over Barry M Nail Paint in Black (without flash in direct sunlight)


  1. It really is a lovely colour but what a shame it didnt deliver what it said and at the price of £11.00. However I love your blog x


  2. Wow, Nails Inc. Fail. You'd think they'd test this out before actually putting the polish on sale?

    Good on them for replacing it, I guess.

  3. I had exactly the same problem! It's pants! x


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