Friday, 8 July 2011

My Mac Semi-Precious Haul - Part 2 and Fashion Flower Haul

I went to check out the Semi Precious collection in person today, fully expecting to get sucked in by the lipsticks and Cremesheen glasses and walked away with just Unsurpassable mineralize eyeshadow (the one Debenhams couldn't send me). Yep, this is my rather measly part 2 of my haul. :)

It's a pretty eyeshadow though and I'm happy to now have the full set (see my haul part 1 here). And for this not to be such a boring post, I've decided to include my Fashion Flower haul as well. That's not a big one either. I originally ordered Summer Shower lipstick, Alpha Girl beauty powder, Now In Season and Fashion Flower lipgelees, and today I also picked up Budding Beauty lipgelee. I love the lipgelees, they are wonderfully sparkly (except Budding Beauty which is the least shimmery of the 3). Summer Shower lipstick is very unique as it's green/blue, but it's suprisingly wearable as it mainly just gives a sheen and not sull coverage. I have not swatched Alpha Girl because it's got such pretty flower detail, but I will get around to doing it soon.

So this is it for me for this month, so no more Mac haul posts. I will aim to swatch the Semi-Precious face products this weekend, plus I do have plenty other exciting thigs to show you too, so stay tuned!

See more pictures and swatches after the jump!

The many shades of a mineralize eyeshadow (taken with flash)

Swatches from Unsurpassable (without flash under bright indoor light)

Summer Shower, Now In Season, Fashion Flower, Alpha Girl

Summer Shower, Now In Season, Fashion Flower (with flash)

Summer Shower, Now In Season, Fashion Flower (without flash under bright indoor light)

Budding Beauty

Budding Beauty (with flash)

Budding Beauty (without flash under bright indoor light)


  1. I have bought 3 semi-presious eyeshadows, one fashion flower eyeshadow and a lipstick from MAC website. I received only 4 items out of 5 that I ordered and paid for. A missing eyeshadow is on the delivery note, so it is supposed to be in the parcel. Yesterday I emailed MAC, but still no response from them. I guess I will stop buying MAC, because I had a similar thing happened to me at MAC Pro store in London. So this is not the first time they ripped me off. Some other UK online retailers (e.g. Look fantastic) are the same.

  2. I'm sorry to hear you've had problems with your order. Have you tried ringing them? Sometimes speaking to people can be a lot more effective than e-mails. Hope you have it sorted soon.


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