Tuesday, 17 May 2011

My new Urban Decay goodies

When I went to Florida, I was very excited to be able to check out all the Sephora exclusive Urban Decay eyeshadows (little did i know that they'd immediately become available in the UK from Debenhams, they are still cheaper in the US though) and also some of the new releases that are either not available yet or I've not had a chance to check out in person as there's no Urban Decay counter near me unfortunately. So I came back with a whole load of Urban Decay goodies and I thought I'd show you in detail what I got. (You can also check out this post where I showed you my amazing huge US haul.)

So there they are: 5 eyeshadows, 3 eyeshadow pencils, a glitter eyeliner and Primer Potion in Eden. I'll start with the eyeshadows. There were 6 shades released last year as Sephora exclusives and I'd been wanting to get them ever since. Two of them, namely Psychedelic Sister and Haight were released in the newest Book of Shadows, so I had them, and I didn't get Woodstock in the end because it's coming out with the Rollergirl palette that I really want (anyone knows when it's coming out in the UK by the way?). So in the end I got Dashiki, Free Love and Aquarius, and also Hot Pants and SWF that were also not available in the UK before.

Find out what else I got, see lots more pictures and swatches after the jump!

Clockwise starting from top: Dashiki, Free Love, Aquarius, SWF, Hot Pants

Clockwise starting from top: Dashiki, Free Love, Aquarius, SWF, Hot Pants

Dashiki, Free Love, Aquarius, SWF, Hot Pants (taken with flash)

Dashiki, Free Love, Aquarius, SWF, Hot Pants (taken without flash in natural daylight)

I also got 3 eyeshadow pencils which are available in the UK, but there isn't an Urban Decay counter anywhere near me since Urban Decay pulled out of Boots, and also they are cheaper in the US, so I thought I'd wait until I go to Florida to swatch and buy. I ended up with 3: Morphine, Delinquent and Sin. These are chunkier than the 24/7 eyeliners, so better for using all over your lid, they are smudge and crease proof and come in loads of lovely colours. I love all 3, but Delinquent is especially gorgeous.

Morphine, Delinquent, Sin

Morphine, Delinquent, Sin (taken with flash)

Morphine, Delinquent, Sin (taken without flash in natural daylight)

I also got a Heavy Metal glitter eyeliner in a shade that wasn't available in the UK previously (it is now). It's Groupie, a light golden pink colour. Plus I finally got my hands on the new Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Greed, a gorgeous gold shade. I already have Sin which I love, so was really looking forward to getting Greed. I got it in the old, "genie" bottle because I forgot about the squeezy ones coming out, but I have heard that those dry out more easily, so maybe not better than the old style bottle after all. I don't know, I don't own one.




Greed, Groupie (taken with flash)

Greed, Groupie (taken without flash in natural daylight)

So there you go, that's all my Urban Decay haulage. As I said, I'm really looking forward to the new Rollergirl palette and I'd also like to pick up the Rollergirl nail polish set, hopefully it won't be long before they are released in the UK. I'll let you know if I hear anything.

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