Monday, 18 July 2011

Another Glitter Crackle Polish NOTD: Nails Inc The City

You might remember my recent very bad review on Nails Inc The Westend crackle polish. This time I have a middling review, although The City is similarly very runny and not very pigmented, at least this one does crackle. Not that well, but it does crackle. In this look I used a pinky white nail polish under The City (Mac Frayed To Order), but I'm wondering if the cracks would've shown up better over a black base.

With flash

Ignore the index finger, the crackle polish went on very thin, so I tried doing a second coat, and well, this is what happened. You definitely need a good amount of nail polish on the brush because you need to do this in one go as much as possible. This is still not the easiest polish to work with, it is very runny and hard to achieve opaqueness with one brush stroke, but at least it does crackle and it is a really really beautiful shade of purple. Hopefully Nails Inc will tweak the formula a bit and then it will be even nicer. £11 for 10 ml.

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With flash

In direct sunlight

Nails Inc The City and Mac Frayed To Order (LE)

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