Thursday, 7 July 2011

My Mac Semi-Precious Haul - Part 1

I placed a rather large order with Debenhams on Monday and my Mac Semi-Precious goodies finally arrived today, so I thought I'd show them to you. They were unable to send Unsurpassable mineralize eyeshadow, so I will have to go and pick that up from a counter tomorrow, and I might pick up one or two lipstick depending on whether I fancy any of them, so that's why this post is titled "Part 1".

As you can see, I got rather a lot of things, in fact I got all the mineralize eyeshadows (but one), all the mineralize skinfinishes and 2 mineralize blushes. I am very happy with everything, I love mineralize products, so this is a great collection for me.

I will post swatches of the eyeshadows later (once I've done all the cropping, watermarking and labelling), for now see more pictures of my goodies after the jump!

MSFs and mineralize blushes

Rose Quartz, Crystal Pink

Goldstone, Pearl

Feeling Flush, Warmth of Coral

Mineral Mode, Hint of Sapphire, Quartz Fusion, Clarity

Mineral Mode, Hint of Sapphire

Quartz Fusion, Clarity

Smoked Ruby, Rare Find, Dark Indulgence, Golden Gaze

Smoked Ruby, Rare Find

Dark Indulgence, Golden Gaze

Faux Gold, Blue Sheen, Jade's Fortune

Faux Gold, Blue Sheen

Jade's Fortune


  1. Looks like an awesome haul... have fun!!... but am I the only one who wonders: "how in the world do you afford it all????"

  2. Lol, I don't buy anything else much. :) I'm not into designer clothes, shoes, bags, expensive jewellery, etc., so I spend my money on make up instead. :)

  3. They're lovely - why couldn't Debenhams send you the one shade?? It's supposedly on its way to me from them, and now I'm worried it won't turn up lol!

  4. I don't know, they just said they were unable to fulfill the order. Unsurpassable was available on the website all the time, but for some reason they didn't have it in stock in their warehouse. If they didn't let you know by e-mail that they can't send it, then you will get it I'm sure.

  5. All those goodies look divine, I hope you enjoy them :)!


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