Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Guerlain Meteorites Rose Nacre / Pearly Pink

I've just showed you my Guerlain Meteorites Voyage Powder collection, so I thought I'd also show you the other part of my Meteorites collection, but more importantly the other rare find I've got recently.

This collection isn't complete yet because there are a few Meteorites that were released before 2000 are now almost impossible to find, but I do have all the newer ones, so I'm pretty happy. However, I did manage to find one of the pre-2000 powders on eBay, so that's great. This one is called Pearly Pink and all the balls in it are light pink colours - you normally get 3-4-5 different coloured balls. The container is larger than the new containers, but you still "only" get 29g, compared to the new style 30g (I think, it's either 30 or 33g, can't remember now).

The one I picked up on eBay was used and I'm pretty sure it's missing a few balls, but never mind, the remaining balls are in still great condition and they'll still last ages, plus this one is more for the collection than using anyway.

I didn't have time to take pictures of my entire Meteorites collection, but you can find some older pictures of my stash here and here. I will take a new photo after I've got my hands on the upcoming holiday collection as that will feature a new limited edition Meteorites as well as voyage powder. I'm really excited about it already and I will tell you all about it soon! :)

For now, here are some photos of Pearly Pink Meteorites and comparison between the old and new containers. Enjoy!

Bottom of container (yep, it is a bit scruffy - erm, it's vintage! lol)

Pearly Pink Meteorites

Outside of container

Old style container vs. new(er) style container (there's an even newer one now!)


  1. I wish I could buy stuff on ebay - I'll have to get a credit card. they don't give them to 3rd level students any more! Does it take you a long time to find stuff? Roughly what was the cost for something like this? (if thats not too personal). I'm just curious! Baby in a corner

  2. It cost £25. I was quite lucky as the lady who listed it agreed to take it off and sell it to me outside eBay. Sometimes rare items like this go for a lot more. I just sold the Blushy Blush red pearls meteorites go for over £100!


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