Wednesday, 29 September 2010

NOTD: Orly Lunar Eclipse nail polish

I first heard about Orly nail polishes when details of the upcoming Mac Disney Venomous Villains collection details emerged (Orly Galaxy Girl and Space Cadet being dupes for Mac Formidable! and Mean & Green nail polishes), so that just shows you how much I'm not into nail polishes. The problem with my nails is that they're very soft and bendy, so most nail polishes chip and peel off within 48 hours. So after a while I would just give up and not bother with painting my nails, especially since I also didn't know about Seche Vite, so it took forever for my nails to dry which is not very doable when you're a mum of 3 young children. Nail polish still chips on my nails within 1-2 days, but at least painting them again isn't as time consuming anymore. Unfortunately since I hardly ever paint my nails, I'm also pretty rubbish at it, especially when it comes to my right hand (I cannot do anything with my left hand, it's pretty rubbish, wish I was ambidextrous).

Anyway, I have ordered a few Orly nail polishes and today I am sporting Lunar Eclipse. It's part of the Cosmic FX collection (the one that also includes Galaxy Girl and Space Cadet), and I believe it's limited edition. Unfortunately my camera isn't very good, so what you can't see in the pictures is the beautiful purple sheen. Not so noticable on my nails, but gorgeous in the bottle. The blue is amazing, so sparkly and pretty, really gorgeous. Not too dark, not too bright, just right.

I did find that the polish was a bit on the runny side and it needed 2-3 coats to look even, which it still isn't in a few places, but that's probably down to my clumsiness. Unfortunately it also peeled off my nails more quickly than usual, I painted them last night at 8 pm, the pictures were taken at 10 am this morning and by 4 am I had 2 big chips and several small ones. With a colour like this, you can't walk around with chipped nails, something which I used to do when using light pink / pearly white nail polish in the past as I couldn't be bothered to do my nails every 2 days. Luckily you get 18 ml in the bottle, so plenty to go around. I don't think I will ever use it up to be honest, half the size would do me just fine.

Have you tried Orly nail polishes? What do you think of them?

See more photos after the jump!


  1. I love this colour, I have it too. Do you use base coat? I spent 6 months wearing nothing but Nails Inc Kensington Caviar base coat and now my nails are rock solid and polish lasts up to a week. Now I use CG treatment, Nailtek foundation II and then my polish. It makes a huge difference, you should try it!

  2. I use Sally Hansen Miracle Cure (I think it's called) in the blue bottle, but it doesn't help at all. Thanks for the suggestion, I will see if I can find the products you mentioned. :)


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