Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Great 30 Day Lipstick Challenge - Week 2

Here we are, second week of the great 30 day lipstick challenge. I'm having great fun choosing lipsticks from my Mixed Up Magic box. This week's selection includes some lipsticks I hardly ever reach for, and some that are quite new and haven't really had time to use yet, as well as some favoruites.

This week I used the following lipsticks:
1. Myface Cosmetics Gigabite lipstick in 154 Sweet Dreams
2. Mac Wonder Woman lipstick in Marquise D'
3. The Body Shop Rose lipstick in shade 01
4. Marks & Spencer Moisture lipstick in Coral
5. Mac Wonder Woman lipstick in Heroine
6. Mac Sheen Supreme lipstick in Insanely It
7. Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in 435 Love That Pink

Read  what I thought about these lipsticks and see more pictures including swatches after the jump!

So let's see the goods and bads. This week I'm pleased to say I liked all the lipsticks I wore. I found Mac Heroine lipstick (5.) to be the least flattering shade on me, and my favourite was definitely 7. Revlon Love That Pink lipstick. The formula, the colour, everything is just so great about this lipstick. (I did a more detailed review here if you're interested.)

I have also reviewed Marks & Spencer Coral lipstick before here, you can find a lip swatch and full face picture there too. I actually like this lipstick better now I've worn it more, it's a lovely coral shade and the formula, while still not moisturising, it's pretty good.

I don't actually know the full name of the Body Shop lipstick, it came out with a rose themed collection and this one is shade 01. It's a nice light pink, semi-sheer lipstick with a lovely rose scent. Probably the most used lipstick in the bunch (and the oldest). 

I've got arm swatches below as well as a few lip swatches, and a full face photo because the lip swatches for Revlon Love That Pink didn't turn out good. Let me know if you see anything you like or if you have questions.

With flash

Without flash in direct sunlight

Mac Marquise D

The Body Shop Rose 01

Mac Heroine

Revlon Love That Pink

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  1. Looks like fun. I only have about 15 lipsticks and 15 glosses, but it still feels like a huge amount! They all look pretty, but I'm not a fan of Mac Heroine... Looks good on you, but I know it wouldn't flatter me at ALL!


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