Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Marks & Spencer's Moisture Lipstick Review

I posted about the new Marks & Spencer make up line a little while ago (over here) and I've finally got around to writing a proper review on the lipstick. The line is called Perfection and contains eye, lip and face products.

I didn't own any lipsticks by M&S before so can't really tell you if there's been any improvements in the formula, but the packaging is definitely nicer and sleeker than before, and there seems to be a lot of colours in this line (24 to be exact according to the M&S website). I chose Coral because it seems to be the must have shade for the summer and it is very summery and bright, but not overly so. I think it's one of the prettiest corals I've seen this summer. Formulawise, it's not very soft, although it applies nice and even, it doesn't slip, but despite it not being very creamy, it's not drying at all. It also lasts quite well (again because it doesn't slip on your lips), probably lasted for 2-3 hours on me (not with eating though).

However I find it very funny that it's called Moisture Lipstick, because although I don't find it drying, moisture is certainly not the word that springs to mind.

These lipsticks retail for £6.

Have you tried these lipsticks or anything else from the Perfection line? What do you think?

See some product photos and swatches...

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  1. Like the colour! I nominated you for a blog award :-)


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