Friday, 2 September 2011

Finished! The August Edition

Another month has gone by and I've managed to finish a few more products. Mostly skincare, but there are a couple of mascaras in there too. Let's start with the one thing I don't have a photo for, that's because I took it with me on holiday and managed to leave it behind. It was nearly finished, and since I don't have it any more, I'll consider it finished. What I'm talking about it a sample of Clinique's 7 Day Scrub Cream. It's an okay scrub, but not too special. Certainly not £17 per 100 ml special, so I will not be repurchasing it.

Onto the next Clinique product, I also had a sample of Take The Day Off make up remover. I did like this one very much, it's very effective at removing make up, and I will definitely buy a full sized one once my current Estee Lauder make up remover runs out. The full size (125 ml) costs £14.50, it's not cheap, but it is certainly a very good make up remover.

Read about all the other products I've finished this month and see more pictures!

This next product is actually two products, but I only took one picture because I was too lazy, plus they both look the same. I had a pack of 3 miniature Avon fragrances: Today, Tomorrow, Always. I finished Tomorrow a while ago, and while on holiday I took Today with me, and then I decided to finish off Always too. I liked Today and Tomorrow, but Always was just a bit too floral for me. I prefer sweet scents to floral scents, and Always has no sweetness to it at all. Both perfumes were 6 ml by the way. While I liked Today and Tomorrow, I won't be repurchasing them because I have way too many fragrances and I always come across more that I like, so I only repurchase my absolute favourites.

Next up are two very old waterproof mascaras: Rimmel Exaggerate and Max Factor More Lashes. None of these are available anymore as they were at least 5 years old. Don't judge me. They were still fine, but I thought it's about time I chucked them out. I don't use waterproof mascara often, only when going swimming or on holiday near water, so they still had plenty in them, but I will count them as finished, after all it's been long enough.

Another make up remover: Lancome Eau Micellaire Douceur. It was another sample sized product, worked okay, I only used it on my face once I'd finished removing my eye make up, it did an okay job of that, but at £20.50 for 200 ml I won't be repurchasing this.

Another product I regularly finish is setting powder as my face is quite oily and I need to reapply powder to keep it matte. I don't have a go to powder, but Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural is certainly a good one. At £18.50 for 10 g it's not cheap, but you can recycle the empty compact and get a free lipstick (if you collect 6 empty pots/tubes/containers and take them to Mac, you can choose a free lipstick, it's called Back 2 Mac in case you haven't heard of this incentive). So this compact is going in my bag of empties instead of the bin. Will I repurchase? Probably, but I'm onto another powder right now, so it won't be in the near future. 

Last but not least another favourite, No 7 Total Renewal Micro-dermabrasion Body Exfoliator. I like this, it works well for me, although the scent could be a bit more pleasant in my opinion. At £10.50 (or £5.50 if you use your No 7 £5 voucher!) it's not too pricey and since I don't use it too often, it lasts me quite a while.

Well there you go, that was this month's finished post. Feel free to let me know in the comments if you've finished anything and whether you like or dislike any of the products featured.


  1. That MSF Natural of mine still won't die lol. I'm almost there though! How did you use the Lancome makeup remover? (e.g. wiped on with cotton balls etc?) I have a sample and I'm kind of at a loss as to what to do with it x

  2. Lol, they do take forever to finish! Yes, I used the Lancome remover on cotton wool pads, just to wipe make up off my face once I'd done my eyes. x

  3. Can anyone recommend a good waterproof mascara? I have used MF More Lashes for the past 5 years (I even went on ebay and bought 10 of them when the line was discontinued) I have none left. No other mascara has ever held my eyelashes up like this mascara has, they usually fall down after seconds. HELP!!x


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