Saturday, 24 September 2011

I Can Paint A Rainbow With Mad Minerals Whisper Collection

I love highlighters, face and eye highlighters alike (hey, I named my blog after one!). So I was really happy to hear about Mad Minerals Whisper Collection and decided to order it straight away. These are basically some very finely milled almost white mineral eyeshadows that transform magically once applied either wet or on top of a dark base. They are absolutely amazing! Or you can simply use them as highlighters and they are very pretty duochrome ones!

This is what Mad Minerals say: "To look at them in the jars, all you see is a pearly white or off white powder. However, they are very deceiving! Once applied to your skin they actually have a sheer whisper of color. Absolutely amazing when the light hits them! When applied wet, you have intense color that pops! Minerals applied wet are commonly known as "foiling". The color looks like colored tin foil on your skin. Some colors look so surprisingly different when applied wet...So much more dramatically intense! The Whispers can be worn alone or layered with any existing colors you may already have. Excellent for mixing with the colors that just need a little more excitement to them. Perfect for day wear or as many of my customers tell me.... they love to wear them for "clubbing" at night. These are also fabulous for dusting on your chest, shoulders, or anywhere!"

I have worn them as highlighters and also on top of Topshop Zephyr Eyeshadow Crayon, you can see swatches and the look I created at the bottom of this post. They are available from Mad Minerals and come in a variety of sizes. I ordered the 1/4 tsp sample jars for $2.25, but they also come in 1/4 tsp sample bags, 5 g sifter jars and 10 g sifter jars. Shipping to the UK is a very reasonable $7 (it's $6 within the US), and shipping was very quick, my package was dispatched with a day or so and I received it within a week of ordering. I also got a small sample of their mineral blush. I would certainly recommend them both for the service they provide and both for the quality of their products.

See more photos, including swatches and a look I did with them after the jump!

Swatched on top of Topshop Zephyr Eyeshadow Crayon (plus you can see the subtle highlighting shades on my bare skin):

Mint, Blue, Green, Opal, Red, Orange, Copper, Gold (with flash)

Mint, Blue, Green, Opal, Red, Orange, Copper, Gold (without flash in direct sunlight)

Wearing Mint on inner corner and Blue on outer corner and blended into crease on top of Topshop Zephyr Eyeshadow Crayon:


  1. WOW! Wonderful!
    Love this colours :)

  2. These are fablous. Remind me of a posher version of the ELF transformer palette. Love the look as well. Are the Topshop crayons worth buying? I need to do a resock of bases. Any chance of a review?

  3. I have already reviewed the Topshop crayons, you can find the review here:


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