Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Guerlain Fall 2011 Collection Haul and Review Part 2 - Rouge G Lipsticks Girly and Garconne

As promised, here's the second part of my Guerlain fall collection review. In this part I'd like to show you two of the three Rouge G lipsticks that were released with the collection: 71 Girly and 25 Garconne. As you may know, I love Guerlain Rouge G lipsticks, they are just so creamy and smooth and luxurious. (If you haven't seen it, I have swatched all my Rouge G lipsticks here.)

Girly is a bright pink shade, it's very girly as the name suggests, it's bright and cheerful, but very wearable. Garconne is possibly my new favourite red lipstick, it is an amazing shade that lit my whole face up! I couldn't not stare at my reflection every time I passed a mirror! I think it's what's called a blue based red as it made my teeth look whiter as well. Both lipsticks wore very well on me, Garconne lasted for 4 hours without even fading, Girly didn't have all that long time as I had lunch about 3 hours after I applied it, but up to then it lasted wonderfully and there was still some pink tint left after lunch. Girly also felt a bit more slippery than Garconne, and didn't apply quite as opaque, so maybe it would last less long. Both feel very comfortable on the lips and there was no bleeding at all despite wearing Garconne without a lipliner!

Guerlain Rouge G lipsticks cost a whopping £28.50 (used to be around £25 when they first came out) and you definitely pay a lot for packaging (they come in state of the art, very heavy cases with fold-out mirror), so if you don't mind not having the fancy packaging, you can always check eBay for testers. I usually pay around £7-£8 for testers of Guerlain Rouge G's. I find that the testers on eBay are genuine (haven't come across a fake tester yet), but unfortunately I have seen fake Rouge G lipsticks with very flimsical cases and shades that don't compare to the real shades, so as always, be careful when buying from eBay!

See below for more photos, including arm and lip swatches! I will post the look I did with the eyeshadows and the lipsticks tomorrow.

Girly (left), Garconne (right)



Girly (left), Garconne (right) with flash

Girly (left), Garconne (right) without flash in natural daylight




  1. Hi there! I chanced upon your blog today when I was looking for the swatch for Rouge G Girly. I think your swatches are really nice:-)


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