Tuesday, 26 October 2010

My favourite high street (drugstore) make up / beauty products

As you know, I love high end make up, my favourite brands include Guerlain and Dior, and you can't get much more luxurious products than from these two brands. However, I also like products that work well no matter how much they cost or what brand they are. I am a make up snob, but not enough to pass on good bargains! :)

I thought I'd show you what my favourite high street (drugstore) beauty products are and if you like, please tell me in the comments which ones you like / work for you. 

Find out more about my favourite bargain buys after the jump!

I love Barbara Daly's (for Tesco) eyeshadow primer. It's nice and creamy, but doesn't crease at all, comes in a handy little pot, so you don't need to cut anything open to be able to get the last bit of product out, and the best part is, it really works. It doesn't crease, makes my eyeshadows look great for 10+ hours and is easy to remove. £3.49 for 2.5 g (I think, I couldn't find it on the Tesco website, so not sure of the exact price.)

When it comes to cheap eyeshadows, (almost*) nothing beats 17 eyeshadows (Boots' own brand). They have a very nice texture, good colour pay off, and they last very well. Some might be put off by the shimmer and glitter in them, but I believe they do come in matte shades too. £3.49 each, or you can get trios for £4.99 (available from Boots). * By almost I of course meant Sleek eyeshadows which are excellent both for value and quality too.

Avon 24 karat lipstick in Natural Gold is my go-to nude pink lipstick. Don't let the name fool you, it's not gold, but it does have a slight gold shimmer to it, apparently these lipsticks are infused with real gold pieces. Some can be quite chunky, but this particular shade is very nice and wearable. £8 each, but unfortunately this shade doesn't seem to be available anymore. (Good job I got a back up, eh?)

I love Collection 2000's Illuminating Touch concealer. It is basicaly a cheap version of YSL's Touche Eclat. It works very well as a concealer, it also does a good job of brightening the skin up. I don't have dark circles under my eyes, so I tend to use mine mainly to cover dark patches, etc., but when used under the eyes it doesn't settle into fine lines and lasts very well. It comes in 3 colours, so there isn't one for WOC, but I think ladies with lighter skins will easily find a matching shade. I use shade 2 myself. £4.99 each (for 1 ml), available from Boots, Superdrug, other chemists and supermarkets.

I've mentioned Sleek before, and here it is again, this time with a blush. This shade (Rose Gold) has been hailed as the exact dupe of Nars's Orgasm blush at a fraction of the price. In my opinion it's actually a lot nicer than Orgasm, less glittery (in fact more shimmery not even glittery) and the colour pay off is much better as well. I can't remember theexact price, but it's around £5 from Superdrug.

I don't use Mac brushes (although I own a couple, but since I bought them on eBay before I realised how many fakes there are out there, they're probably not genuine Mac brushes anyway), because I'm too mean to fork out so much money on some brushes, instead I use GOSH brushes. They are about half the price of the Mac brushes and in my opinion probably just as good. The flat eyeshadow brushes (bottom) are great for applying and blending eyeshadows and the round ones (top) are great for applying and blending eyeshadow in the crease. I also use their powder, blush and duo fibre brushes, and especially like the blush brush, it works for me very well. Sorry I can't check their prices as they're not on the Superdrug website, but they are normally under £10 or so.

Last but not least, my favourite lip balms. I love Vaseline petroleum jelly, it keeps my lipst soft and moisturised at all times. On the days I don't want to wear any lipstick or lipgloss I opt for Rosy Lips which is a pink tinted rose scented version on the original petroleum jelly. It's also less oily and looks very natural. They cost £1.29 (original) and £1.89 (rosy lips) and are available from Boots, Superdrug,other chemists and  supermarkets.

So that's it, these are my favourite high street (drugstore) beauty products. Now tell me about yours in the comments!

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