Thursday, 1 April 2010

Why, Urban Decay, why???

This morning, when I was about to do another look with my lovely Alice palette (more on that later), I was applying my Urban Decay Primer Potion, or rather was trying to because the applicator kept coming out of the tube dry. I thought it was a bit strange because I really hadn't been using it that much, so I did what many others have done before me - cut up my tube with a pair of (very) sharp scissors.
I shouldn't have been surprised because I have heard about this so much, but to my horror I saw that there was a HUGE amount of primer potion left in there. When I say HUGE amount I mean AT LEAST half of it was still in there! It was at the neck of the tube, all down the side and at the bottom! In fact the applicator didn't even reach the bottom, so I had to cut the side of the tube off as well, not just the top, to get at all the primer.

This is what it looked like to start with...

...and this is what it looked like when I finished with it.

This is how much primer potion I scooped out of the tube!
For reference, the container is an 18 ml one, the UDPP was 2.66 ml when full!
I really don't understand why Urban Decay is still using these rigid plastic tubes for the UDPP, instead of a squeezy tube like Too Faced's Insurance Primer. I have seen this on so many blogs and youtube videos, so why doesn't Urban Decay take notice finally? Great product, but what a waste!
So girls, if you think you've run out of your UDPP, then think again and cut up those tubes, because you will find weeks and weeks' worth of primer still in there. But mind those fingers! Better still, get your husbands/boyfriends to do it for you! ;)


  1. I've heard about this! I haven't had to do it yet with mine but I'm definitely not looking forward to it. It's such a good primer though so I think it'll be worth it. What container did you put yours in?

  2. Hi Tiffany, The container is an empty Maybelline dream matte foundation container that was just sitting there on my cupboard, way too big, but will do fine for now. Don't worry, it's very easy cutting up the UDPP tube, just find it annoying more than anything. Grr!


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