Tuesday, 5 October 2010

My Venomous Villains haul and swatches

As you probably know if you saw my previous post, Mac's new collection Venomous Villains launched online on Monday and some products sold out in a matter of hours. I was lucky to buy everything (because I'd been stalking the website all morning until the collection finally went live just before 11.30 am) and my little black box arrived today. I think you'll all agree that my haul is relatively small compared to my usual hauls, I only purchased 8 products, although there are a few more I want to check out in person on Thursday when the collection launches online (also I bought the Orly dupes for Formidable! and Mean & Green nail polishes).

I bought the following products:
  • Briar Rose Beauty Powder (Maleficent)
  • Bite of an Apple Powder Blush (Evil Queen)
  • My Dark Magic Mineralize Eyeshadow Duo (Maleficent)
  • She Who Dares Mineralize Eyeshadow Duo (Maleficent)
  • Wicked Ways Lipglass (Cruella)
  • Strange Potion Lipglass (Evil Queen)
  • Hot House Lipglass (Evil Queen)
  • Bad Fairy Nail Polish (Maleficent)
 Here they are together:

This is what they look like on the outside

While I'm not too crazy about the Disney packaging (was never into Disney princesses and films that much as a child), I actually find the boxes' design very interesting and cool. I absolutely love the inside of the boxes, they look like flowing satin, very pretty. It's only the nail polish that isn't in special packaging which I don't mind, although don't really know why not. Not sure what I'll do with the boxes, for now I've kept every one of them, they are just so nice.

See more pictures of the packaging and the inside of the products and swatches - after the jump!

The inside of the boxes - so pretty!

The actual products

Now we're talking!

I didn't purchase these products for the packaging, but what's inside them, and I am very happy with all my purchases. As you might know, I love myself some mineralize products, so I was really happy when I heard there were two mineralize eyeshadow duos in this collection. They are both quite dark, black based colours, similar to the Style Black eyeshadows from last year's, however there wasn't a green shade then nor a pink one, so I felt like they were a must have for me.

She Who Dares Mineralize Eyeshadow Duo

My Dark Magic Mineralize Eyeshadow Duo

I also really like the lipglasses I've ordered, they are very nicely pigmented and really lovely shades. 

Top to bottom: Hot House, Strange Potion, Wicked Ways

Bad Fairy Nail Polish is absolutely stunning, no wonder it's now sold out online. There's no Orly dupe for this, so if you want it, I suggest you head to your local counter on Thursday.

Bad Fairy Nail Polish

Here are the swatches of all products except the nail polish which I will do tomorrow when I have a bit more time. Also took a photo of me wearing Strange Potion lipglass.

Bite of an Apple, Briar Rose, My Dark Magic (purple shade), My Dark Magic (pink shade) (no flash)

Bite of an Apple, Briar Rose, My Dark Magic (purple shade), My Dark Magic (pink shade) (with flash)

She Who Dares (green shade), She Who Dares (blue shade), Wicked Ways, Strange Potion, Hot House (with flash)

She Who Dares (green shade), She Who Dares (blue shade), Wicked Ways, Strange Potion, Hot House (no flash)

Have you bought anything from this collection? Are you planning on buying anything? What are your must haves?


  1. Hi, I'm a new follower and I love your blog :)

    I bought Briar Rose and Innocence, Beware!. I love the collection, though I didn't outdo myself this time. If I can, I'd still like to get Bite of an Apple, A Toxic Tale, and Strange Potion. Great haul!

  2. im going to be at my mac counter first thing on thursday. I want 2 lipsticks, a beauty powder and a blush.

  3. @Katie Welcome to my blog and thanks for your kind comment. :)

    @Tracy Thanks!

    @the beauty bible Good luck tomorrow! Hope you get everything!

  4. What a nice haul! I missed out on this collection. Just didn't have the time to check out MAC (and I am in the UK now). Doubt the 2 Maleficient Mineralize Eyeshadows are still available.


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