Monday, 8 October 2012

NOTD: Ozotic #730 Duochrome Nail Polish

I have been buying nail polish like there's no tomorrow and one of the sellers/shops I've been using is Llarowe who has a massive amount of indie brands on their website including Ozotic. It's a US based shop but the shipping isn't bad, so I have ordered a lot of nail polishes from Leah Ann who runs Llarowe.

Today I want to show you this gorgeous duochrome simply named #730 from Ozotic. I had heard about Ozotic and really wanted to try it out as I love my duochrome polishes. This one shifts from pink to red to orange. It's really vibrant and gorgeous especially in the sun. I used it alone, but of course it can be layered on top of black polish for a different effect.

Formulawise it was a big disappointment, it was weird, it didn't spread as nicely as other polishes, just sort of stayed where I put it. So it ended up really quite streaky. It took 2 or 3 coats, I can't remember now, sorry. Sadly it chipped on me very quickly (within 24 hours) and I had to remove it after just 2 days as it looked rubbish. Shame really because it's very pretty to look at.

I bought mine for $14.50 from Llarowe. I don't actually know how much you get in the bottle, I'm guessing somewhere around 15 ml, it's a decent sized bottle. Weird that it doesn't say on the bottle at all though.
All in all, a nice looking polish, but I'm not a big fan of the formula. Maybe other colours in this line will fare better? Have you tried any of them?

See lots of pictures after the jump!

Taken without flash in direct sunlight

Taken without flash in direct sunlight

Taken without flash in direct sunlight

Taken without flash in direct sunlight

Taken without flash in natural daylight (shade)

Taken with flash

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  1. Wow that is such an unusual colour, shame it didn't wear so well!x


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