Friday, 19 October 2012

Guerlain Holiday 2012 Collection Haul Part 3 - Liu Perfumed Shimmer Powder

Every year Guerlain releases a perfumed shimmer powder and every year I buy it, even though I have not yet finished one and I've been collecting them since 2008. In fact dare I admit, I actually have 2 of each release. The reason is, these are often the last item to be sold out in the collection and usually make it to the new year sales, so when I see them at half price, I can't resist.

This year's fragranced shimmer powder is scented with Guerlain's Liu fragrance. Otherwise it's the same, very very fine shimmer as other year's releases. I usually wear it on my hair and arms, decolette, etc. when I go out and I always get lots of compliments. I wouldn't wear it on my face personally, but it especially looks gorgeous sprayed onto your hair. We're not talking chunky glitter here, not like those glitter sprays you can get from Claire's, this is very fine, luxurious shimmer.

The bottle is so cute, it looks like an old style perfume bottle with the "bulb" on the side that you squeeze to release a puff of powder. Looks great on your dressing table!

You get 17.5 g for £50.50 which is a little bit ouch, but that's why I usually buy a bottle at half price. A bottle will last for years, especially as this isn't something you'd use every day. I don't think it's too over the top for a meal out or for the theatre, but I probably wouldn't wear it for school run.

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Taken with flash

Taken without flash in natural daylight

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I like these shimmer products sprayed into my hair for special occasions - and even just occasionally 'just because'!


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