Thursday, 18 October 2012

Guerlain Holiday 2012 Collection Haul Part 2 - Meteorites Perles du Dragon

Part 2 of my Guerlain Holiday 2012 Collection haul is featuring one of the most iconic Guerlain products, the Meteorites Perles. This year's limited edition is called Perles du Dragon and it contains 6 different shades: pale pink, beige, white, gold, plum and rosewood.

There are quite a lot of white pearls in the mix, but mine isn't too bad, it also has a good amount of the other pearls. At first the colours reminded me of  Perles d'Or from 2010, but that mix seems quite a bit darker actually. The pearls come in a shiny black tin with removable lid and a black sponge on top to keep the pearls secure. (I'd recommend applying them with a brush, not the sponge though.) The lid has the gold signature Guerlain flower detail. The outer box is the usual black with red inside. Very pretty.

The overall effect is a shimmery light beige powder. I didn't swatch it because it hardly shows up on my skin, but you will see me wearing it in a picture at the bottom of this post and you can see it's quite shimmery. I can see a couple of big glitters on my face, but I'm not entirely sure they're from the powder as on my eyes I was wearing Urban Decay's Kiddie Pool eyeshadow which has got big glitter particles. The overall effect however is quite shimmery, so this wouldn't be suitable for those with oily skin. Having said that, today I'm wearing it on top of the new Parure de Lumiere foundation and Voilettes loose powder and it's not too shimmery. So maybe the key is to mattify first.

Guerlain Meteorites perles cost £37.50 for 30 g (that's another 50p rise since the summer) and Perles du Dragon is a limited edition shade. I bought mine from Harrods, but it's also available from John Lewis, House of Fraser, Selfridges and hopefully Debenhams soon.

See more pictures after the jump and if you'd like to check out my large Meteorites collection, please click here!

Taken with flash

Taken without flash


  1. It looks like usa, uk and singapore got this collection but it still not available in PARIS. Cant wait!!!


  2. "Bejövős" darab, nagyon tetszik :)
    Az a baj, hogy nem igazán tudnám kihasználni, de nagyon szép darab és a gyöngyök színe is most szebb mint a szokásos, még megnézem parfümériába és ha tetszik megrendelem. Igen, kint sokkal olcsóbb.

  3. I've pretty much decided that this is going to be my very first meteorites purchase. I need to have these magical little balls in my life.

  4. Gorgeous - and I've got these already :) They last such a long time, I think they're actually great value for money for such a wonderful product.

  5. Eeeh so pretty! Do you think oilier skins could use it just as a highlighter? Or is it too subtle..

    1. I don't think this is particularly useful as a highlighter, it is pretty subtle. Also you get 30 g which you will NEVER use up as highlighter. There are plenty of lovely highlighters out there (and probably in your stash, lol), this one I wouldn't particularly recommend for that. x


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