Wednesday, 24 October 2012

I've Been Busy - My Depotting Adventure

A little while ago, when using my Urban Decay Mariposa eyeshadow palette, I began wondering if there was a way to depot the eyeshadows in it and use the tin to hold some more eyeshadows. So I got a pair of nail scissors and started digging...

The eyeshadows came out really easily (they were only glued onto some cardboard) and the tin ended up housing not only the Mariposa palette, but also the Sustainable palette, the Deluxe palette and the Rollergirl palette. Talk about saving space!

I also decided to depot my many Urban Decay eyeshadow singles (same method as Mac eyeshadows - I use my hair straightener to heat up the bottom of the pans) and Stardusts eyeshadow singles (they just pop out with very light force), as well as all my big Mac eyeshadows (Mega Metals, Jeanius and Tartan Tale). I ended up purchasing my first ever Z Palette and now I have 17 empties waiting to go back to Mac in exchange for some lipsticks (my no-buy doesn't extend to free stuff - crafty eh?). Wish you could also return the Urban Decay empties, it felt wrong to throw them out.

There were a few casulties as you will see in the pictures below, nothing serious, just scrapes and bruises (the eyeshadows, not me). I enjoy depotting, I usually do it while watching a film on telly to keep me entertained. I'm now seriously tempted to depot a few of my bulky Book of Shadows as well, although the first one and the Alice in Wonderland ones are so pretty, I don't want to touch them, but the other 3 I might just have a go at. Just need to get another palette or two to put them into.

Do you depot your eyeshadows? Do you take your Mac empties back for free lispticks? What palettes do you put them into?

See more pictures after the jump!

Before: Urban Decay Mariposa palette

After: Urban Decay Mariposa palette

Mac palette containing Urban Decay singles

Urban Decay singles (icluding Stardust eyeshadows)

Z palette pro containing large Mac eyeshadows

Z palette pro containing large Mac eyeshadows

Mac empties :)


  1. It's so much better having everything in one place (or even in just a few palettes rather than loads of different ones!) isn't it. I don't know if I want to depot my Naked palettes (or if it's even possible to depot Naked 2?), but it would be handy to have them all together with my MAC neutrals! x

    1. Hmm, I wouldn't depot the Naked palettes because they are actually pretty compact for what they are. It was these bulky ones that annoyed me most, you can see just how little space the eyeshadows actually took up in the Mariposa palette!

  2. Ooh, I love to look at depotted eyeshadows and new cases. I'm all for saving space. You did a great job! :)

  3. I have TOO MANY palettes and I really want to depot them all but I'm afraid. :/ Of course I would never depot my Alice in Wonderland palette.

  4. I have depotted most of my Book of Shadows, they are just so bulky. I think I didn't do the NYC one, yet.

  5. Oooh, you have been busy! I used to depot everything but now I'm finding that I prefer my singles. But yeah, the Mariposa packaging isn't the best!

  6. Good idea, but I'd be scared! Definitely a good thing to get as much as possible into one palette though - my husband is beginning to notice how many I have, and this would certainly serve to avoid suspicion!!


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