Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Guerlain Holiday 2012 Collection Haul Part 1 - Shine Automatique Lipstick #760 Lou-Ling

Finally it's here, and I have already or will definitely buy almost everything from Guerlain's Holiday 2012 Collection, so I will be doing a series of these posts in the coming week or so.

First up I'd like to show you one of the Shine Automatique lipsticks, #760 Lou-Ling (I didn't buy the gold one (#700 Altoum) because I already have a Chanel gold lipstick and there's really only so many gold lipsticks a girl needs). The colour is a gorgeous deep wine red with lots of gold shimmer. The lipstick comes in a gold coloured case that has a "lever" on the side which pushes the lipstick up through a flap on the top (which of course gets opened first). This allows you to open and apply your lipstick one handed.

Once applied on my skin, the colour is rather sheer, the swatch you'll see below took 5 swipes. Shine Automatiques are supposed to be sheer, so I was expecting this. What I wasn't expecting though is what happened when I applied it to my lips: after just one swipe the colour was bright and vibrant. So this is actually a sheer lipstick that isn't actually sheer. The gold shimmer is noticable, but not gritty, and the lipstick has a gorgeous shine.

Not overly long lasting, it lasts on me for about 3 hours if I don't eat or drink, 2 hours if I drink and it disappears if I eat. It leaves a nice stain behind and fades quite evenly. It feels nicely moisturising as well.

Shine Automatique lipsticks cost £24.50 and you get a decent 3.5 g for you money. I believe both Lou-Ling and Altoum are limited edition.

See more pictures after the jump!

5 swipes
Taken with flash

5 swipes
Taken without flash in natural daylight

Wearing Lou-Ling on the lips (and Dragon Meteorites all over the face)


  1. Such a beautiful shade on you!

  2. hello~
    At first,i've to say that i am not good at English and i try to express what i'm saying more clear.
    I also love Guerlain and i love your blog equally.I think that it is very pleasant to read it!
    By the way,this lipstick is very suitable for you~~

  3. Looks lovely - I'm just a little worried about the glitter.


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