Thursday, 5 April 2012

Mac Hot Gossip Lipstick Review and Swatches

It's very easy to forget about what you own when you have a big stash like mine, and the other day I managed to pull out a lipstick that I bought, put in the container with the other lipsticks and promptly forgot about. I can't remember now which blog I was readingthat mentioned this lipstick and I though "ooh, this is pretty", only to realise I actually own it. That's bad, right?

But anyway, I put it on and I decided to review it on here because it is one of those rare Mac products that are permanent and you can actually purchase them any time, rather than having to rush to the counter on the day of release in fear of it selling out.

Mac Hot Gossip is a cremesheen finish and is described by Mac is mid-tone pinky plum which I guess is about right. I'm not an expert on Mac lipstick finishes, but cremesheens are supposed to be more creamy than lustres I think, and Hot Gossip is definitely creamy and feels really nice on the lips. It is well pigmented and lasts for a good 2-3 hours on me or even more if I'm not eating/drinking. I love this shade, it's just so flattering and I love the subtle sheen it has.

Mac lipsticks are £13.50 and you get 3 g for your money which is the lower end of lipstick weight (most are usually 3.5 g aren't they?).

See more pictures including hand and lip swatches and a picture of me wearing Hot Gossip after the jump!

Taken with flash

Taken without flash in natural daylight


  1. It really suits you! Beautiful shade indeed. It was one of my choices back when I was starting collecting lippies from MAC but ended up buying Creme D'Nude instead. I must put this on my list again. :)

  2. How have I managed to not get this? Or even read reviews on it? This is going on my never-ending mac list...


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