Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Last Month I...

Following on last month's post idea here are the things I did / liked / loved / hated / finished / threw away / etc. in the month of March beauty wise. So here you go:

Last month I...
  • finished 6 beauty products including a fragrance (The Body Shop Cherry Blossom perfume) which is especially great because I have put myself on a fragrance no-buy until I finish at least 5 fragrances since I have about 50 bottles on my cupboard and I need to get through them eventually. I didn't actually like the Body Shop Cherry Blossom perfume anymore, which is a shame especially as this was my second bottle because I initially loved it and I bought a back-up, but never mind, finally it is gone!
  • having finished one I didn't like so much I gave some love to my all time favourite perfume, Paris by Yves Saint Laurent, in particular one of the limited edition springtime variations: Jardins Romantiques. I have loved Paris for so long now and I used to buy the limited edition springtime fragrances in the past, but they seemed to have stopped releasing them which is a shame. The bottle's massive though (125 ml), so it should last me through a couple of springs though. And just how pretty is it?

To find out what else I did last month, carry on reading after the jump!

  • also finished a bottle of Lancome Genifique - well almost. You see, we have a bit of a problem:

Can you spot the problem? Yep, the pipette is not long enough to suck up the last little bit of product. Now I wouldn't mind that much, but what you seen in the bottle is about a week's worth. I did manage to get some out by standing the bottle on its head, but the shape of the bottle is so that it's not possibly to get everything out. Shame really, because a 30 ml bottle of this costs £56 and for that money you would think you could have a better designed bottle. They must have tested it surely? Did noone think, hey, maybe we should make the pipette a bit longer? Or is it intentional so you go through your bottles a bit more quickly? I am fed up with throwing out products because the brush / pipette / applicator is too short to get the last bit out. Yes, Nails Inc Kensington Caviar top coat I'm looking at you!

  • I know I said I wasn't doing a "Finished" post and this one is turning out a bit like one, but just quickly want to say that I also finished a Mac product and with that I now have six Back 2 Mac empties, so I will be choosing a new lipstick soon. Any ideas what I should get? I'm thinking Russian Red. 
  • I gave a lot of love to my Mac dazzleglasses and dazzleglass cremes because those long tubes of lipglosses always get forgotten about being stored in a different place from my shorter lipglosses. I really enjoyed it actually and managed to use a different one every day (with a few days off), yeah, I have that many. I know some people might find it gross, but I'm happy to report that my 2008 dazzleglasses are still just fine to use and none of them have gone off. I just love the vanilla scent and all that shimmer. 
  • Beauty budget wise it wasn't a very good month again, even worse than February was actually, I've managed to go over my budget by 50%. Oh dear. I guess I can only try and do better next month, but with Mac In Extra Dimension and Tres Cheek collections coming out next week, I don't think my budget even stands a chance. And I'm sure we'll see summer collections come out soon and there's lots I'd like from Guerlain and Dior, and of course there's still those we haven't even heard about.
So there you go, these are the things I got up to during the month of March. Let me know what products you  enjoyed, hated, finished, bought, etc.!


  1. love this bottle!

    I can totally understand.. I bought a huge bottle of Burberry Britt because I like it but then I realized I don't like it anymore and it was soo huge bottle actually the biggest one and I had to use it ;-) blehh but it's gone!:)))))))

    oh producers should have thought before designing this bottle.. seriously I hate these situations when you have to cut packaging because you paid for it and you want to use it before it's over

  2. Russian Red is a great colour to try as your Back 2 Mac product. It really is a suits-all red.


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