Wednesday, 7 March 2012

My Mac Haul Part 3 - Marcel Wanders and another cheeky purchase from Too Supreme

The package with the third installment of my Mac haul arrived yesterday (I ordered these directly from Mac as the Marcel Wanders collection is Mac exclusive) and I've already managed to take photos, crop and watermark them, so here you go!

As you can see, more lip products. I love lipsticks, what can I do? I got Inez lipstick and Kim lipglass from the Marcel Wanders collection and picked up another Sheen Supreme lipglass in Mango Sheen because I really wanted it having swatched it at the counter last week. The verdict? I love them all. My favourite one is possibly Inez lipstick, but I love the formula of the Sheen Supreme lipglass so much too. Having said that, Kim lipglass has a lovely texture too, it's not sticky like your usual Mac lipglasses. Very happy with them all. Less happy with the prices, the Marcel Wanders lipsticks are £17.50 and both lipglasses are £16.50. I'd love to say you get more products than the regular Mac lipglasses, but you actually get a lot less. The lipstick is marginally bigger though.

See more pictures and swatches after the jump!

Mango Sheen Sheen Supreme lipglass

Kim lipglass

Kim lipglass

Inez lipstick

Inez, Kim, Mango Sheen
Taken with flash

Inez, Kim, Mango Sheen
Taken without flash in natural daylight

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