Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Stila Spring 2012 Collection Haul

This spring Stila has come out with a lot of pretty stuff. As well as some new Jewel eyeshadows, Sparkle Luxe glosses and Smudge Crayons, they also released two lovely eyeshadow palettes and a gorgeous blush. I haven't got any of the above mentioned goodies because I really want to go to a Stila counter and have a good swatching session, and unfortunately there aren't any near me. But I did pick up the two eyeshadow palettes and the gorgeous Love At First Blush.

The two eyeshadow palettes are In The Garden (green) and In The Moment (purple). I actually thought we may not get the purple one as I think it was a Sephora exclusive in the US, so I bought it on eBay, whereas I ordered the other two from BeautyBay. The palettes cost £25 each and the blush costs £12 (for 6.2 g which is actually a brilliant price I think).

I will post swatches or rather I will do proper reviews of both palettes soon. For the blush, I'm not sure if I'll be able to ruin it by using it (weird, I know), but I was brave and swatched it, and you can see the swatches at the bottom of this post.

See more pictures after the jump!

In The Garden palette

In The Moment palette

Love At First Blush

And here's the swatches of the three shades in the blush:


  1. lovely colors

    I love this blush! such a great packaging

  2. I had a chance to quickly swatch the Garden palette and that is absolutely on my list of things to pick up. It's got some lovely colours in it. Both seem nice, but that one really called to me.

  3. I really want this blush but I'm on a no-buy it's sooo pretty

  4. Oooh, I might have to drag myself over to Meadowhall and find myself an In The Garden palette.

  5. I really like the "in the garden" palette. When are you gonna do swatch posts of the palettes? and gorgeous blush!

    1. The swatches should be up in a day or two. :)

  6. I never buy big palettes like this, but after seeing a blog review of In the Moment I knew I had to get it. It costs $80 here in Aust. so it was quite a lot, but I fell in love with the Tetra sparkly purple/black eyeliner that's included. I'm wearing the palette now actually and I'm really happy with it - enjoy!


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