Friday, 9 March 2012

NOTD: Oh My Gosh Bright Yellow + Essie Shine Of The Times

First of all, I don't often share a lot of personal stuff about me on here, but with a name Shine Of The Times I couldn't not share this with you:

My favourite band EVER - Europe with Sign Of The Times. I've loved them since I was just 10 and now two and a half decades later they're still my favourite. Their music means so so much to me, even more than make up!

But back to the purpose of this post and that is to show you this manicure I did a little while ago. I really liked the look of the Essie flakie, but with hindsight I think I should've paired it up with something darker. It did make the Oh My Gosh Bright Yellow polish a lot more interesting though as the flakes can look orange or green depending on how the light hits my nails. Actually the Oh My Gosh polish is very nice in itself, I was pleasantly surprised by it, it has a really nice sheen to it. Apologies about the state of my fingers, it was very cold at that time (you can see some snow in the grass if you look closely) and my hands dry out very quickly.

I believe the Essie nail polish was limited edition, but I'm sure it's still available on eBay, and the Oh My Gosh polish is available from Superdrug.

See more pictures after the jump!

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