Sunday, 11 March 2012

17 Spring Collection Spring Fling Eyeshadow Palettes and Lasting Fix Nail Polishes

I love spring collections, especially when they have pretty colours and patterns, don't you? So for me the 17 spring collection was everything I could've asked for. As well as two gorgeous flowery eyeshadow palettes (remind you a bit of Dior, do they?) there are 4 nail polishes in lovely bright sunny spring shades.

First up are the two eyeshadow palettes, Spring Brights and Hazy Days. Just look at that lovely packaging! It's a shame though that the compacts themselves don't have the same flowery patterns (they're just light pink colour with the words written on them, a missed opportunity if I may say so. The inside of the compacts of course are what matters and they are beautiful. Both consist of 4 colours each arranged in a flowery pattern. Spring Brights includes a matte baby pink, a shimmery light lilac, a shimmery sunny yellow and a shimmery warm yellow-brown (yeah I know, I suck at describing colours). In Hazy Days all four shades are shimmery, a pretty grass green, a light beige, a light brown and a darker chocolate brown.

Some of the sections are very small and practically impossible to get your brush into, but all colours have a bigger patch where you can pick them up easily from. In my opinion there's just a bit too much brown, and I don't think the colours in Spring Brights work particularly well together, the brown and yellow shades do and the pink and purple do, but not so much all 4. I would've liked to see a lighter yellow and perhaps a darker pink or maybe a blue shade in there instead of the brown. The quality of the eyeshadows is good though and at the price (£5.99 each) they are a good buy. You get 7.5 g in each palette which is great.

Spring Petals, Juicy, Mellow Yellow, Glisten

There are also 4 Lasting Fix nail polishes in the spring collection and they all come in lovely spring shades. Spring Petal is a lovely pink with subtle shimmer, Juicy is a gorgeous lime green with subtle shimmer, Mellow Yellow is a sunny yellow with subtle shimmer and Glisten is a shimmery metallic pinky bronze (I think Glisten isn't a new shade actually, but I might be wrong). They are all quite runny and all took 3 coats to look opaque, although Juicy still wasn't quite there even then. I found them hard to apply because of the runny formula, hence the messy application. I created a colourful springtime manicure with them that you'll see at the bottom of the post (reminded me of mini chocolate eggs in colourful wrappers). Spring Petal chipped on me first (after about a day) and Glisten actually lasted for 3 days without chipping, but I need to add that Spring Petal was on my index fingers which always chip first and Glisten was on my little fingers which always chip last. I won't say they're long lasting, but 3 days is actually pretty good for me. They cost £2.99 and you get 8 ml.

There is also a 3 for 2 offer at Boots right now, so you can buy 3 of these for just under 6 quid! Or get the eyeshadow palettes and pick up a nail polish for free!

There's lots more pictures, including swatches and a colourful springtime NOTD after the jump!

Spring Brights, Hazy Days

Spring Brights

Hazy Days

Spring Brights (with flash)

Hazy Days (with flash)

Spring Brights (without flash in natural daylight)

Hazy Days (without flash in natural daylight)

Spring Petals, Juicy, Mellow Yellow, Glisten
OPI Ogre-The-Top Blue on thumb

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