Monday, 12 March 2012

My Purchases From Chanel Las Vegas Collection

When I first saw pictures of the Chanel Las Vegas collection I fell in love with the Lucky Stars powder and was very disheartened to find that it retailed for $95 in the US and seemed to be a Las Vegas boutique exclusive. Luckily it came to Selfridges and the best part is, it cost quite a bit less than $95. (I think I paid £48 which is still A LOT, but not $95 - that would've been more like £57, eek!) So I picked it up on a recent trip to London and also the gold Rouge Coco Shine (called Brillant) which I initially wasn't even planning on buying. And here they are:

Being me, I haven't actually swatched either of them, so I'm afraid all I have is some more droolworthy product pictures. But really, just how pretty is that powder?! So happy drooling and let me know if you have picked up anything from this collection at all?

See more pictures after the jump!


  1. Wow! Those are gorgeous! Ah, I so want that powder.. . .

  2. wow! I wanna see this gold lipstick on your lips


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