Monday, 24 May 2010

Mac Hipness blush and Marine Life highlight powder comparison photos and swatches

Since I've had some questions about how Hipness blush compares to others, I thought I'd post these photos I took comparing Hipness to Marine Life, Instant Chic blush and Ripe Peach blush ombre. Hope this helps in your blush purchasing decision! :)

Top row: Marine Life, Hipness, Bottom row: Instant Chic, Ripe Peach

Marine Life, Hipness

Hipness, Ripe Peach
Top row: 2 shades of Marine Life Bottom row: Instant Chic, Hipness, darker side of Ripe Peach, Ripe Peach mixed up Left side: Marine Life (light and dark side) Right side (top to bottom): Ripe Peach mixed up, Ripe Peach dark side, Hipness, Instant Chic


  1. Thank you so much! You have no idea how much this has helped me. I have ripe peach and the only differece I see is that hipness is pinker. Marine life is def not a necessity. =)

  2. Thanks for this !!
    Loads of people must want to know what those 4 particular blushes are like swatched together.
    I did and I'm glad to have found your article.
    Thanks again - so very helpful.

  3. hipness doesn't look as pretty as instant chic, but the pagaging is getting too me! (pale skin btw)

  4. Thanks for those swatches.
    Extrememly helpful !
    HUGS !!!!!!


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